Child rights

PAKISTAN: 521/2160 girls missing in 2015. 7 murdered children reported.

A Statement from Roshni helpline Research and Development Organization forwarded by the Asian Human Rights Commission The missing children’s search and recovery organization Roshni Helpline has published its annual report for 2015 on missing children in Karachi Pakistan, one of the largest industrial cities. A total of 2160 children have been reported missing in the […]

INDIA: Bundelkhand now on a grass diet

Statement | India | 15-01-2016

People in Bundelkhand are being forced to eat grass for survival. This dire situation is being aired in reports after report of news channels. Grass and weeds are traditional diet in the area, counter officials of the Uttar Pradesh government. Neither is entirely wrong. What villagers are being forced to eat is not exactly grass, […]

PAKISTAN: Government blames mothers for malnutrition deaths of children

Children with sunken eyes and protruding bones, struggling to breathe; mothers watching haplessly as their children die in front of their eyes; this sad reality was not happening in Somalia or Ethiopia, but in a country that is the seventh atomic power of the world. The ongoing drought in Pakistan’s Tharparkar district, Sindh province has […]

PAKISTAN: Yet another minor at the time of crime faces imminent execution

Dear Friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information about another execution in Pakistan, planned for December 17, Saturday, which merits wide attention. Muhammed Anwar, the accused, a minor when the alleged crime was committed, who has since spent 23 years on death row, a time that exceeds a life sentence, will be […]

PAKISTAN: No inquiry into Army lapses in Peshawar school massacre

The smallest coffins can be the heaviest to bear. On 16 December 2014, exactly one year ago, many Pakistani parents had to bear the pain of seeing their children die in a terrible manner. As many as 134 school children of the Army Public School (APS) in Peshawar were massacred on that day, in a […]

PAKISTAN: Halt the execution of Saqi Shah, a minor at the time of the incident

Dear Friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information of the execution of two persons who have already spent 23 years in prison, including 20 years on death row in Adialla Prison. They are to be hanged on December 16, which is the first anniversary of the terrorist killing of 145 children at […]

INDIA: Hackneyed Policies-Malnourished, Unhealthy, Unsafe Childhood

Article | India | 14-12-2015

It seems as if the slogan of our policy makers and planners is: surrender your natural resources- we shall give you an undernourished, ailing, unequal development in return.They cause a tradeoff between resources and a corrupt, unaccountable bunch of schemes: 5 kg grains per head, a meal for Rs. 5 students in schools, a nutritious […]

PAKISTAN: Universal Children’s Day – Children still face high risk to safety and security

A Statement from Roshni Helpline forwarded by the Asian Human Rights Commission Universal Children’s Day is being celebrated today (20th November), world over, with regrettably a majority of Pakistani children still facing a number of threats to their safety, security, and welfare, either due to the lack of or inadequacy of laws, and hazardous living […]

SRI LANKA: The Rule of Law Committee condemns the investigation process related to the death of the Five(05) year old girl on 13 September 2015

Rule of Law, A Standing Committee of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka RULE OF LAW A Standing Committee of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka B.A.SL.,153, MihinduMawatha, Colombo 12. Chairpersons- Mr. Lal Wijenayake/ Mr.PriyanthaGamage Convenors- Mrs.NaliniJayathilake/ Mr.NuwanBopage MEDIA STATEMENT : The Rule of Law Committee of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka expresses it’s […]

PAKISTAN: An 8 year old girl was raped by Imam of a mosque – no end in sight for child sexual abuse

An eight years old girl, Miss N (real name withheld), who is the daughter of Meer Muhammud, from Golrachi Village, in the Badin District of Sindh Province has been raped by a religious leader in the mosque. Her Quran teacher, Imam Khameesa, someone who is also a local mosque leader, reportedly raped her on 25 […]

PAKISTAN: Muslim woman and Christian man in mortal danger for their marriage

Dear Friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information regarding forced conversions and threats to a couple. A Christian groom, who married a Muslim bride, first converted to Islam to avoid a backlash from Muslim religious fanatics. When it was exposed that the couple had re-converted to Christianity later, they came under immense […]

PAKISTAN: teenage victim of torture committed suicide after being distraught by the judiciary

Dear friends The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information through Human Development Organization HDO Hazara Division KPK province that a teenage victim of police access and custodial torture and who was being habilitated at the rehabilitation facility of HDO has committed suicide. Three teenage boys from an urban locality suffered severe physical and […]

INDIA: Nutrition and TB: An Essential but Ignored relationship

Article | India | 30-09-2015

Prashant Kumar Dubey Nutrition and TB are two entities which need to be considered together, not separately. It is unfortunate that our country has not taken any initiative in this area resulting in a disregard for this relationship. If we really want to overcome TB, we need to talk through a package system similar to […]

INDIA: Let them eat rasgullas

Statement | India | 24-09-2015

Death of children under its care is nothing novel for the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Post Graduate Institute of Paediatrics located in Cuttack, Odisha. It took 58 of them to die in less than 10 days for it to become scandalous. Over the years, the Institute, popularly known as Shishu Bhawan, has recorded an alarming number […]

SRI LANKA: Brutal Murder of little Seya and the relevance of the OHCHR Investigation Report

The abduction, rape, and murder of Seya Sadewmi of Kotadeniyawa on 12 September 2015 has led many Sri Lankans to react across the country, and provoked many demonstrations by women’s organisations and also by children. Even yesterday, 23 September 2015, demonstrations by school children were reported from the North of the country. Similarly, media reports […]

INDIA: Woeful child malnutrition persists amidst wonderful schemes

Statement | India | 21-09-2015

A social justice bench of the Supreme Court of India comprising justices Madan B. Lokur and U.U. Lalit recently lambasted the government yet again for its failure in implementing welfare schemes for children belonging to the lower strata of society. The Court stressed the “mismatch” between the “wonderful schemes” the government creates and the ground […]

NEPAL: Terai deaths blot new Constitution

Statement | Nepal | 18-09-2015

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has repeatedly raised the alarm against the killings in Terai; however, they fail to stop. The police have again opened fire, this time on 15 September, a market day. The police firings have resulted in four innocent citizens in Bethari, Bhairahawa town, Rupandehi District being killed. The mentality of […]

PAKISTAN: Judicial inquiry demanded in rape and murder of Hindu girl and police botch the investigation

Dear Friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information regarding the gang rape and alleged murder of a Hindu girl from the Meghwar caste by influential people belonging to the ruling party of Sindh Province. The police of District Umer Kot (formerly Amar Kot) have botched up the whole investigation in an effort […]

World : Receiving visitors in the ‘Republic of Conscience’

An Article published in the Hong Kong Free Press, on 11th September 2015, forwarded by the Asian Human Rights Commission By Basil Fernando Perhaps the most touching moment broadcast through international media in recent times is the warm welcome people fleeing Syria through Hungary received from large German crowds on arrival. When citizens of one country […]

PAKISTAN: Establishing Child Rights Commission

Iqbal Ahmed Detho The debate around legislating child protection laws and creating institutional mechanisms has got sympathetic constituency both among public and policy makers after the gory incident of raping the children and making their videos in Kasur, Punjab. Before this incident became public, Federal Government had moved a draft bill in the parliament for […]