BURMA: UNODC agreement on the rule of law, a step in the right direction


Statement : A functional criminal justice system requires competence at the level of the police that need to record complaints of crimes from the people and conduct investigations. Competent prosecutors and judicial officers are also needed. Creating this kind of competence requires considerable effort to educate the police, prosecution, and judiciary on fundamental principles and practices of criminal justice. Read More...

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BURMA: Military demands farmers destroy their own homes


Statement : Farmers from Ngetpyawtine village tract, Kanbalu Township, Sagaing Division, have been instructed by the Township Administrative Office to remove the houses they have built on their own farmland. The administration and the No. 2 Shwe Bo Logistic Battalion have warned the farmers that if they do not dismantle the houses and leave the land, they will be prosecuted. Read More...

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PAKISTAN: Internally displaced persons of North Waziristan, reproductive health and Gender-

Pakistan Map

Statement : Pakistan like other developing countries that face, dearth of democracy and abundance of abusive authority has never been a homogenous country. There is the Pakistan of masses and there is the Pakistan of classes. For the poor and powerless of this sixth most populous country, human development based on essential core values like self esteem, dignity and ability to choose is nothing but a dream - rather a dream to dream. Read More...

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