INDIA: Conflict induced displacement must end


Statement : The 30 July 2013 announcement of the Congress Working Committee decision to create a separate Telangana state within the Union of India spurred other statehood demands. In Assam, ethnic groups like the Bodos, Karbis, Dimasas, and Koch Rajbonshis – which have all been fighting for separate states for themselves – unleashed serial agitations and economic blockades to intensify their demands. This fuelled prevailing friction along ethnic lines; tension turned into violence and the result has been large-scale displacement. Read More...

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SRI LANKA: The abuse of Presidential Pardon is an abdication of the state responsibility to control crime


Statement : The Panadura High Court judge, Kusala Sarojani Weerawardana, found ten Presidential Security Division (PSD) officers who were accused of assaulting two famous songsters Rookantha Gunathilike and Chanta Chandraleka Perera to be guilty of the charges and sentenced them to four and a half years of rigorous imprisonment. The PSD officers entered the living premises of the two famous singers, shaved their heads and assaulted them in the year 2000. Read More...

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INDIA: (Un)Free and (Un)Paid Media in Northeast India


Statement : In an Indian election, campaigns are heavily dependent on the media. Yet, however risk ridden the life and livelihood of Indian media personnel may be, their security is not an issue for political parties, governments, or owners of media houses. The north eastern region is no exception to this. Read More...

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