PAKISTAN: Protect kiln workers from torture, illegal detention and attacks

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Hunger Alert Case : The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information that brick kiln owners, with the patronage of the Punjab provincial government, have been holding children, women, and men in illegal detention. Women who have been demanding compliance of the minimum wage and social security have been beaten, their clothes stripped, and their children whisked away. There has been a spurt of recent incidents of violence against kiln workers and their representatives. Trade union leader Miss Ghulam Fatima has been slapped, harassed, and threatened by office bearers of the Brick Kiln Owners Association, and that too in front of the provincial minister of labour during the National Labour Conference. In another incident, a kiln owner attacked a female worker, Miss Khursheed Bibi, tore off her clothes, and detained her in a dark room for two hours. In a latest related development, the Lahore High Court rescued 64 brick kiln workers, including 26 children, from illegal detention centers run by the owners of brick kilns. Read More...

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SRI LANKA: Giriulla police illegally arrested, tortured and detained a man for 39 days without producing before any Court


Urgent Appeal Case : The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information that Mr. A.A. Aberathna Bandara was illegally arrested, illegally detained for 39 days and severely tortured by officers attached to the Giriulla Police Station. Aberathna was arrested on 7 February but not produced in court until the 18 March. The police gave the explanation that he had absconded from the police station and had only just been rearrested. The victim and his family members described how brutally his rights were violated and seek an immediate inquiry into the incident. They also plead for urgent measures to protect his life and those of his family members. This case is yet another illustration of the exceptional collapse of the rule of law in the country. Read More...

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INDIA: National shame


Statement : The Supreme Court of India and its subordinate courts have, over the past six decades, issued more than a dozen directives and orders prohibiting the practice of manual scavenging in India. The evil practice, of literally carrying human faeces or cleaning the same from public toilets, is widespread in the country. In most cases the work is carried out or contracted to the lowest caste communities. Read More...

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INDIA: National shame
Apr 17, 2014 Statement

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