PAKISTAN: A Minor's Arms Chopped Off by Landlord,-Police Unresponsive until Media Coverage

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Urgent Appeal Case : The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information that the arms of a 10-year-old child were chopped off by a landlord over a minor issue with his father's payment of electricity bills. His hands were tied and were put in a harvesting machine. Police did not take action for two days and provided impunity to the landlord until a media outlet gave hours of extensive coverage. Read More...

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SRI LANKA: AHRC complains to the IGP about the notorious torturer Sergeant Basnayake of Chilaw


Sanjeewa Edirisinghe and Presly Fernando

Open Letter : Threats of assassination if the victim were to visit a hospital for treatment after release on bail. The victim did not visit a hospital for treatment for a few days as a result; this aggravated his injuries. Later, he admitted himself to the Chilaw hospital. He was immediately transferred to the Ragama hospital, where he was examined and began treatment as an in-patient. According to medical reports, he has suffered extensive nerve injury; a long period of treatment will be needed for him to be able to use his arms again. Read More...

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BURMA/MYANMAR: Farmers face prison sentences for trespassing and move to remote prisons


Statement : The Asian Human Rights Commission calls for the military to offer sufficient compensation according to Land Acquisition Act, as well as stop prosecutions of and provide justice for the farmers. The AHRC also condemns the military’s illegal land grabs, military cooperation business with private companies to use such lands, and the practice of renting land back to the original owners. Read More...

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