INDIA: Dalits snare trapped


Statement : The recent escalation in atrocities committed on Dalits is surprising even for Bihar, a province notorious for crimes against members of the community. The only things worse than the state’s failure to stop the crimes are the reasons the crimes are being committed. Read More...

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SRI LANKA: Is it a crime to call the President an Ekadhipathiya - ඒකාධිපතියා (Authoritarian ruler)?


Article : The question that is placed before the people is to decide, through a free and fair election, whether the President and the current system should be rejected in favour of a democratic scheme of governance or if they should remain as they are. If that question cannot be asked, discussed, and decided upon, without resorting to violence, then talking about the elections will become farcical, in a manner similar to what has already happened to so many other vital aspects of Sri Lankan life. Read More...

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PHILIPPINES: Another killing of three farmers – a father, son, and a sugarcane farmer


Urgent Appeal Update : In our appeal on October 17, we mentioned the killing of four persons, two rehabilitation workers and two political activists. These separate incidents took place in August of this year. For details see: AHRC-UAC-138-2014. In addition to these killings, we have been informed about two more cases; one, the killing of a father and his 15-year-old son; and in another, an activist killed after his colleague was murdered. Read More...

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INDIA: Dalits snare trapped
Oct 21, 2014 Statement
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Oct 17, 2014 Announcement

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