PHILIPPINES: Two military sergeants, one captain and others indicted for torture


Urgent Appeal Update : The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) writes to inform you that after three years of investigation, the soldiers who tortured a man and set him on fire, have been indicted for torture. The entire process, however, has lacked the transparency the law requires which has contributed to inappropriate delays. It took one year for public prosecutors to conclude there is probable cause and another year for the Ombudsman to recommend charges be filed. Read More...

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HONG KONG/PHILIPPINES: Poverty reflects a failure of the government not the person


Photo: Slums in Metro Manila. DaniloReyes/ AHRC

Article : Poverty reflects a failure of the government not the person. Seven years ago, my first cousin, 22-year –old Maricel Mahinay, died from an illness aggravated by severe malnutrition. She was three months pregnant. Her death came two years after her first child had also died from a malnutrition related illness. Read More...

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PAKISTAN: Release with immediate effect, Baba Jan and other eleven human rights defenders, sentenced for life imprisonment by an anti-terrorism court

Pakistan Map

Urgent Appeal Update : The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information that 12 human rights defenders including Baba Jan, a prominent human rights defender, have been sentenced to imprisonment for life, by the Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC). They have been so sentenced for raising their voice and holding a protest against not providing compensation rightly due to the people who were submerged and trapped under a massive landslide and against the killing of two persons - a father and his son by a high ranking police officer, during the demonstrations. On a previous occasion six trade union members from the Power Loom factories were also sentenced with imprisonment in total of 493 years – 81 years for each person - by the ATC, who were merely demanding a hike in their wages as announced by the government. Read More...

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