ASIA: Weekly Roundup, Episode 50



Announcement : Today, AHRC TV releases its milestone 50th episode of Human Rights Asia Weekly Roundup. In this episode, AHRC TV interviews participants from the 3rd annual meeting of the Asian Alliance Against Torture & Ill-treatment (AAATI) to gain perspective on the meeting. Read More...

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BANGLADESH: IBA Human Rights Award for Adilur Rahman Khan


Press Release : (Hong Kong, October 24, 2014) The Asian Human Rights Commission announces that the International Bar Association has awarded Adilur Rahman Khan with IBA Human Rights Award 2014. The AHRC congratulates its partner, Adilur Rahman Khan, for one more Award for his struggles against state-sponsored persecutions in Bangladesh. The awards that Adilur has been receiving one after another in recent months re-establishes the fact that the international community is closely observing Bangladesh's human rights situation. Read More...

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SRI LANKA: So will the Executive stop treating the Judiciary as a lesser power?


Article : It must have been somebody’s idea that judicial independence in Sri Lanka must be destroyed. When the idea was first generated we do not know. It is possible that it arose more or less at the same time as the 1962 coup. Those were wild times for some people who had enjoyed privileges at the top. They were unanimous in their opinion that everything has gone wrong in Sri Lanka and that, therefore, some extraordinary intervention was needed. Read More...

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ASIA: Weekly Roundup, Episode 50
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