Attack on FMA Razzak

INDIA: The Legal Dissonance between Marriage and Rape in India

An article from The Wire by the Asian Human Rights Commission The Indian Penal Code (IPC) is home to many archaic provisions, provisions that hold India back and permit it to take refuge in the dusty annals of ancient law books. It is preposterous and embarrassing that Section 375, Exception 2, has been allowed to remain […]

SRI LANKA: 31 Rohingya refugees harassed, threatened, warned by unruly mob and Police

Dear Friends, Asian Human Rights Commission has received information regarding the case of 31 Rohingya refugees. They were harassed, threatened and warned with more violent assaults unless they left the country. These actions were carried out by a well-organized group. The refugees comprised 16 children, 7 women and 8 adult men. They were all under […]

PAKISTAN: Bombs do not discriminate between Muslims and Christians

An article from Asif Aqeel forwarded by the Asian Human Rights Commission Asif Aqeel Tahira Gill is fighting for her life in Jinnah Hospital’s intensive care unit. The 55-year-old woman was a nurse in the General Hospital, before she got injured in the Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park bombing on March 27. Her husband passed away some years […]

SRI LANKA :On Mad Monks and Chaotic Government

Kishali Pinto Jayawardena Several wickedly problematic tragi-comedies are playing on Sri Lanka’s political stage right now, none of which are to the benefit of the country. Why was no deterrent action taken earlier? The spectacle of mad monks running amok in the Homagama Magistrate’s Court abusing the magistrate, the lawyers and the wife of disappeared […]

BANGLADESH: Yet another physical attack on rights activist’s family by the same army officer’s goons while an investigation is in progress

PLEASE MORE DOCUMENTATIONS ON THE CASE OF F M A RAZZAK ————————————————————- Dear friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) previously issued Urgent Appeals on several occasions regarding the physical attack on human rights defender Mr. F M A Razzak and demanded fair investigation and fair trial to the case. Now, the AHRC has […]

BANGLADESH: REDRESS and AHRC write to the National Human Rights Commission of Bangladesh to express their concerns about ineffective investigation into violent attack against the human rights defender

A Joint Open Letter from REDRESS and the Asian Human Rights Commission to Prof. Mizanur Rahman, Chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission of Bangladesh Dr Mizanur RAHMAN, Chairman National Human Rights Commission of Bangladesh Gulpheshan Plaza, 8, Shahid Salina Parvin Sarak, Maghbazar, Dhaka-1217, BANGLADESH London / Hong Kong, 22 July 2011 Dear Dr Mizanur […]

BANGLADESH: Midnight interrogations

The abduction, detention, cruel and inhuman treatment and interrogation of human rights defender William Gomes  The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has previously reported on the brutal attack of FMA Razzak and the abduction and cruel and inhuman treatment of Dipal Barua. Both of them are human rights defender. Today we are reporting the abduction, […]

WORLD: In defence of the human rights defender: FMA Razzak’s story told

States and state agents have historically used violence to stifle public debate, and silence their critics. In many countries around the world today, states no longer rely heavily upon overtly coercive methods and instead acknowledge the need for authentic debate. But in many others, states and state agents continue to resort primarily to coercive methods. […]

WORLD: A video presentation on defending human rights defenders

(Hong Kong, May 27, 2011)  Societies are silenced by the use of violence by the state. This has gone on for centuries in many countries. Such silencing ended in North America and Western Europe by the end of the 19th century, but that is not the case in many other countries. Those who try to […]

BANGLADESH: Why does the NHRC fail to conduct a genuine investigation into the attack on FMA Razzak?

We reproduce below a letter written to the Chairperson of the NHRC by the Asian Human Rights Commission complaining about their failure to investigate the complaint relating to the attack on FMA Razzak which took place on April 29, 2011. Prof. Mizanur Rahman Chairman National Human Rights Commission 10th Floor, Gulfeshan Plaza 8, Journalist Selina […]

SOUTH ASIA: A poem for Tagore’s 150th birth anniversary — some gouge out the eyes of others

Dear friends, We wish to share with you the following article from the Sri Lanka Guardian, written by Basil Fernando. Asian Human Rights Commission Hong Kong ————- An article from the Sri Lanka Guardian forwarded by the Asian Human Rights Commission SOUTH ASIA: A poem for Tagore’s 150th birth anniversary — some gouge out the […]

BANGLADESH: A human rights defender returns home, tells story of terrifying abduction and interrogation

The Asian Human Rights Commission this morning issued two urgent statements of extreme concern for the situation of human rights defenders in Bangladesh, and in particular over the disappearance of a young human rights activist, Dipal Barua, yesterday, May 24. Dipal has been working for the last few weeks on the efforts for the life […]

SOUTH ASIA: A poem for Tagore’s 150th birth anniversary — some gouge out the eyes of others

An article from the Sri Lanka Guardian forwarded by the Asian Human Rights Commission SOME GOUGE OUT THE EYES OF OTHERS Basil Fernando Cry, Tagore, cry. Your nation knows you not. Yes, they have ceremonies, Exhibiting your photos, Repeating your songs. Talking about the 150th anniversary, They may even build a temple for you, these […]

BANGLADESH: Young human rights activist Dipal Barua from Dhaka is missing since yesterday

The Asian Human Rights Commission has received information from the family of Mr. Dipal Barua, a human rights activist that he has been missing since yesterday morning, May 24, 2011. He was last seen near his house at around 10:30 in the morning. His family has looked around all the places where he normally visits […]

BANGLADESH: Police inaction narrows the path of justice for wounded human rights defender, who needs constant supports for survival

Dear All,  The Asian Human Rights Commission has earlier informed you about the attack on FMA Razzak instantiated by army officer, Major Mustafizur Rahman Bokul and his family, who attempted to gouge out Razzak’s eyes. The right leg and hand were broken with several bones suffered fractures. The police have not yet started a credible […]

BANGLADESH: Open Letter to all civil society organizations working on Bangladesh on lessons to be learned from the brutal attack on FMA Razzak

Basil Fernando  The attempted eye gouging incident in at Paikgachha village, where a human rights defender and journalist, FMA Razzak and his brother were attacked by a about 40 persons mobilized by a major in Bangladesh army, Mustafizur Rahman Bokul, is a painful experience to all. It is necessary to learn from this experience so […]

BANGLADESH: Australian academics voice concern for Razzak

(Hong Kong, May 11, 2011) Staff and graduate students of the Australian National University on Wednesday submitted a letter to the diplomatic mission of Bangladesh in Canberra voicing their concern over the eye-gouging attack on Bangladeshi human rights defender Abdur Razzak.  Representatives of the Asia Rights group at the ANU met with the first secretary […]

孟加拉:香港關注人權團體向孟加拉駐香港領事館遞交公開信,表示關注孟加拉人權捍衛者及記者拉扎克先生(FMA Razzak)遇到嚴重襲擊及被企圖弄盲雙目的事件

2011年5月9日,亞洲人權委員會、亞洲專訊資料研究中心、亞太學生及青年協會、香港記者協會、Interfaith Cooperation Forum、香港融樂會及世界基督徒學生同盟聯合向孟加拉駐香港領事館遞交公開信表示關注孟加拉人權捍衛者及記者拉扎克先生(FMA Razzak)受到嚴重襲擊及被企圖弄盲雙目的事件。  請願團體關注拉扎克先生(FMA Razzak)在孟加拉庫爾納地區遇到嚴重襲擊。根據亞洲人權委員會收到的消息,在2011年4月29日,拉扎克先生和弟弟受到一班凶徒的襲擊後嚴重受傷。據稱凶徒是受到穆斯塔菲茲.拉赫曼.寶庫爾少校(Major Mustafizur Rahman Bokul)的指使,企圖弄盲拉扎克先生雙目,他們用手指及硬物挖雙目,導致出血。拉扎克先生家人引領警察找到劫持地點,將兩名受害者送往醫院。  目前,拉扎克先生在醫院接受治療。由於事件受到公眾高度關注,孟加拉衛生及家庭部長哈取爾醫生(Dr. AFM Rahul Haque)於5月3日探訪拉扎克先生。現時拉扎克先生的狀況十分嚴重,手腳骨折,雙目嚴重受傷,可能永久盲目。另外,拉扎克先生家人的處境也十分危險。  最新發展是當地警察收到拉扎克先生家人的投訴後逮捕四名人士。然而,主要犯事者仍逍遙法外,特別是穆斯塔菲茲.拉赫曼.寶庫爾少校(Major Mustafizur Rahman Bokul)還保持軍中職務。  請願團體代表向孟加拉駐香港領事館遞交公開信,並與領事阿曼德先生(Ashud Ahmed)會面。公開信要求孟加拉政府將以下事情列為首要工作:  1.向拉扎克先生提供最好的醫療照顧,費用由國家支付,直至完全或達至最好的康復。  2.立刻暫停穆斯塔菲茲.拉赫曼.寶庫爾少校(Major Mustafizur Rahman Bokul)的職務,待此案進行全面的偵查。  3.確保進行認真的刑事偵查,以逮捕及檢控所有犯事者。  4.在整個偵查及往後審訊期間,向拉扎克先生及其家人給予完全的保護以至居住及其他方面的需要,並確保他們獲得全面的補償,保證他們日後的安全。  亞洲人權委員會政策及項目發展主任巴西爾. 費爾南多(Basil Fernando)表示:“這是十分殘暴的襲擊,顯示孟加拉軍人侵犯人權的問題相當嚴重,孟加拉政府必須採取果斷行動,展開認真及全面的刑事偵查,使犯事者受到法律的制裁。孟加拉政府應該利用今次事件明確表示不容許軍人侵犯人權的行為。”  巴西爾. 費爾南多(Basil Fernando)還呼吁:“保護受害者及其他證人的安全至關重要,這影響到偵查及檢控能否成功。孟加拉當局應立刻暫停穆斯塔菲茲.拉赫曼.寶庫爾少校(Major Mustafizur Rahman Bokul)的職務,並採取有效措施保護受害者及其他證人。  可於以下鏈接找到詳細資料:   查詢可致電852-26986339或 發電郵至

BANGLADESH: Petition to the Consulate General of Bangladesh in Hong Kong on the serious attack and attempted blinding of human rights defender and journalist Mr. FMA Razzak in Bangladesh

(Hong Kong, May 9, 2011) On 9 May 2011, the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC), Asia Monitor Resource Centre, Asia Pacific Students and Youth Association, Hong Kong Journalists Association, Interfaith Cooperation Forum, Unison – Hong Kong, World Student Christian Federation jointly made a petition to the Consulate General of Bangladesh in Hong Kong to express […]

WORLD: Member of Parliament demands arrest of all suspects — Perpetrators begin attacks on witnesses

(Hong Kong, May 7, 2011) At a meeting held today, 7 May, at a local cooperative society’s meeting room in Paikgachha, Mr. Sohrab Ali Sana, Member of Parliament for the Paikgachha-Koyra (Khulna-6) constituency, demanded the arrest of all suspects relating to the attack on FMA Razzak and his brother, which took place on 29 April. […]