WORLD: A video presentation on defending human rights defenders

(Hong Kong, May 27, 2011) 

Societies are silenced by the use of violence by the state. This has gone on for centuries in many countries. Such silencing ended in North America and Western Europe by the end of the 19th century, but that is not the case in many other countries. Those who try to break the silence are suppressed by physical violence. Thus, at one time or another this suppression has to be defeated. Such defeating begins with small efforts. Those who make the initial efforts are called Human Rights Defenders. Thus, by the very nature of their initial work they expose themselves to physical violence perpetrated by their many opponents. If they are to be sustained they need to be defended and supported. This presentation discusses the complex problems relating to defending these Human Rights Defenders. 

“Why have the international interventions for investigations and prosecutions of human rights abuses in less developed countries failed to obtain positive responses? 

Is this only due to bad rulers or the absence of political will as is often said or should we look deeper for the actual reasons? 

In this short presentation, failures in the discourse on human rights between developed countries and less developed countries are discussed under the theme of the primacy of the rule of law.” 

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