AHRC TV: JUST ASIA, Episode 107

In this episode of Just Asia, AHRC TV continues its coverage of the saga of the missing Hong Kong book publishers. One of the five abducted men, Gui Minhai, has turned up on Chinese State television making a “confession” for a years-old alleged drink driving offence.

Gui vanished three months ago from holiday in Thailand and there is apparently no record of him having left that country, leading to suspicions of Chinese agents acting illegally outside of their jurisdictions. Similarly, Lee Bo, who disappeared from the streets of Hong Kong, has finally been confirmed to be in China, also without his travel documents, and with no record showing that he crossed the border.

In related news, Swedish human rights activist, Peter Dahlin, was recently arrested in Beijing, accused of endangering China’s security through his organisation’s support of human rights lawyers. Dahlin was also paraded on State television making a “confession”.

Next, Just Asia reports on the continuing protests and violence in the Terai region in southern Nepal; the police have killed more demonstrating protesters.

Bangladesh’s Chief Justice has publicly urged legal professionals in the country to do more to defend judicial powers. Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha warned that the Executive branch is usurping the powers of the Judiciary, allowing an authoritarian system to emerge in place of democracy.

Finally, the Indonesian military has demanded arrest powers in the wake of the terrorist attack in Jakarta. The AHRC cautions against such moves, which could increase the number of cases of illegal arrests and torture.

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