AHRC TV – Human Rights Asia Weekly Roundup, Episode 12

The Asian Human Rights Commission is pleased to announce the release of the 12th episode of the Human Rights Asia Weekly Roundup.

We start this episode with a special AHRC report on the sham Bangladesh national elections which were boycotted by the main opposition party. The elections were marred by violence and the lack of legitimacy for the re-elected government due to blatant rigging of the results is astonishing. Please watch this episode for more details of the farcical Bangladesh election.

We also have a special report from the freezing refugee camps in western Uttar Pradesh where minority community members were forced to flee after communal violence. While children are dying in droves from the cold and lack of nutrition, the local authorities have started bulldozing the camps without offering up any alternatives. The AHRC’s Avinash Pandey reports from the camps.

Sri Lankan PM Theverupperuma chained himself to a wall in a hunger strike protest against the closing of a hospital.Suspicions surround the death of Free Papua commander Danny Kogoya after Indonesian authorities prevent autopsy.

Lastly, AHRC Executive Director Bijo Francis expresses his optimism that the meteoric rise of India’s new anti-corruption political party, Aam Aadma, will give the upcoming national elections a much-needed jolt.

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