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PAKISTAN: Glamourizing ‘good’ terrorists-new way to serve state interests

Glamorizing terrorists as born again saviours of humanity is the new tactic adopted by the state to abet home grown terrorism. Those who dare demand their rights are shunned as separatists while the radicals who commit barbarity are released on the pretext of being innocent. The recent news of the release of ISIS operative Naureen […]

An Open Letter from Devi Sunuwar – mother of late Maina Sunuwar

First of all, I would like to thank you all for your continuous support for the longest 13 years journey, where I undertook the painful battle to get justice for the murder of my daughter. Yet, I need your support once again. Since it has been more than a decade now, let me refresh your […]

INDIA: How the Law that Bhanwari Devi Inspired Fails Marginalised Women Like Her

An article from The Wire forwarded by the Asian Human Rights Commission Due to its negligent drafting, the Sexual Harassment at the Workplace Act is unlikely to benefit the workers in the unorganised sector. There is a need to amend the Sexual Harassment at the Workplace Act to make employers duty-bound to provide very clear, unambiguous forms […]

PAKISTAN: International Women’s Day – L​et’s advocate change in the patriarchal mind-set

The UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, said the following in a message on International Women’s Day. “On International Women’s Day, let us all pledge to do everything we can to overcome entrenched prejudice, support engagement and activism, promote gender equality and women’s empowerment.” The 2017 UN theme on International Women’s Day is–Women in the Changing World of Work: […]

AHRC TV: Terrorist attacks continue in Pakistan and other stories in JUST ASIA, Episode 148

This week Just Asia begins with Pakistan, where terrorist attacks continue despite the Pakistan army’s various anti-terror operations. In the latest attack, a suicide bomber blew himself up at the crowded courtyard of Sufi Saint Shah Noorani’s shrine on November 12, killing some 60 persons and injuring 156. The Shah Noorani shrine in Balochistan’s Hub […]

PAKISTAN: Compensation programs required to help victims of violence

Amir Murtaza Violence has always been an integral part of human history, in all parts of the world. It is roughly estimated that each year more than a million people lose their lives, and many more suffer non-fatal injuries, as a result of self-inflicted, interpersonal or collective violence. The World Health Organization defines violence as, […]

NEPAL: Man suffering continuous bleeding from his anus after police torture

Dear Friends, The Terai Human Rights Defenders Alliance (THRDA) has informed the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) that 4 police officers attached with Maruwahi Police Post Mahottari District brutally tortured Mr. Ganga Mahato (45), resident of Ward number 4, Bathanaha Village Development Committee (VDC) Mahottari District. Victim Ganga Mahato is in serious condition. He is […]

SRI LANKA: A 29 weeks pregnant woman tortured by Saliya Wewa Police

Dear friends, Mrs. Hashika Shashi Kanthi of Palugasdamana, Saliya Wewa in Puttalam District, was tortured by four policemen attached to the Saliya Wewa Police Station. At 10 pm on the night of 23 July 2016, they forcibly entered her home while her husband was away. At that time, she was 29 weeks pregnant, expecting her […]

THAILAND: Parents of suspect who died in custody to sue police for damages

(Released on 5 November 2016) parents of Mr. Anan Kerdkaew, a suspect who died in police custody while being interrogated, shall file a charge against the Royal Thai Police with the South Bangkok Civil Court about the injuries and death of Mr. Anan Kerdkaew. Mr. Anan was arrested on 9 November 2015 being suspected of […]

PAKISTAN: Police release four abducted women and two men after taking ransom

Dear Friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received updated information regarding the abduction of four women and two men amidst fighting between two influential armed tribes, the Thaheem and Qambrani. Police from RD 44 Police Station, Jacobabad, kept the women illegally, holding them for ransom for 11 days at a private location, releasing […]

THAILAND: National Human Rights Commission must protect torture victims

On 17 August 2016, the Office of the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand (NHRC) officially informed Ms. Pornpen Khongkachonkiet that the NHRC could not investigate the facts revealed in a torture report that she and two other human rights defenders had submitted to the NHRC. The Commission claimed that the report failed to provide […]

THAILAND: State must act to end torture and harassment of those fighting it

Thailand acceded to the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CAT) on 2 October 2007. Nearly ten years later, on 26 May 2016, the Thai government issued a Cabinet Resolution stating that it will pass a Prevention of Torture and Enforced Disappearance Act. However, the Asian Human Rights Commission […]

INDIA: Save yourselves, women of India, as the Republic will not

Article | India | 02-08-2016

Avinash Pandey Delhi, the national capital of India, has witnessed another gory incident involving the rape-murder of a minor. This time, a 16-year-old was allegedly raped, strangled, and then set on fire in her own house in East Delhi. The police reportedly tried to pass off the crime as suicide, filing a case of rape and […]

INDIA: Schoolgirl commits suicide following alleged sexual assault by BSF Personnel in West Bengal

Dear Friends, The AHRC has received the following information from its partner organisation MASUM in West Bengal. In West Bengal, a Border Security Force (BSF) Guard allegedly sexually assaulted a 12-year-old schoolgirl who was returning home from her classes. Later, the same day, the young girl was found to have committed suicide. CASE NARRATIVE: On […]

SRI LANKA: 14 year old rape victim reveals that a woman constable beat her at the police station

Dear Friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received updated information revealed by the young victim herself, which we wish to bring to your notice. On the 7th of July when she went to the Haputale Police station, a police woman constable, had beaten the young girl, and told her that when she is […]

SRI LANKA: Suspect in rape of 14-year-old girl released without proper investigation

Dear Friends, According to information received by the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC), a 14-year-old girl was abducted and raped by her school bus driver on 19th June 2016. Later, she was threatened to keep quiet or her parents and other family members would be killed. Despite the family members filing a complaint with the […]

NEPAL: Protest & Repression – Special Report on State Responsibility for 37 Killings During Protests in Terai

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) and Terai Human Rights Defenders Alliance (‘the THRD Alliance’) published today a report on the anti-Constitution protests from August 16, 2015 to February 5, 2016 in which over 40 people died. The report focuses on the use of force by the Government of Nepal against protestors and bystanders. Based […]

PAKISTAN: Forced marriages and conversions stem from institutionalised intolerance

While religious diversity forms the bedrock of a civilized democratic state, the right to propagate and freely practice one’s religion is strictly restricted by Pakistan’s orthodox clergy, which is bent upon imposing its own version of the state religion. There is a growing concern within the country over the shrinking social space for minorities. Far […]

INDONESIA: Three indigenous Papuans arbitrarily arrested, tortured and currently waiting for an uncertain justice

Dear Friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information from a local network in Papua regarding the arbitrary arrest and torture of three indigenous Papuans, namely ElieserAwom (26), Yafeth Awom (18) dan Soleman Yom (24). They were arrested by four police officers in plain clothes at 11 pm in Deplat, Base-G Jayapura. The […]

PAKISTAN: Woman suffers rape, torture, and cruelty for two years and counting

Dear Friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information about the gang rape and incessant mental and physical torture being meted to a poor woman, Nasira Parveen. Her rapists, who have brought misery to the lives of her whole family, have tormented her for the past 2 years. The Police and lower Judiciary […]