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INDIA: Save yourselves, women of India, as the Republic will not

Article | India | 02-08-2016

Avinash Pandey Delhi, the national capital of India, has witnessed another gory incident involving the rape-murder of a minor. This time, a 16-year-old was allegedly raped, strangled, and then set on fire in her own house in East Delhi. The police reportedly tried to pass off the crime as suicide, filing a case of rape and […]

INDIA: Schoolgirl commits suicide following alleged sexual assault by BSF Personnel in West Bengal

Dear Friends, The AHRC has received the following information from its partner organisation MASUM in West Bengal. In West Bengal, a Border Security Force (BSF) Guard allegedly sexually assaulted a 12-year-old schoolgirl who was returning home from her classes. Later, the same day, the young girl was found to have committed suicide. CASE NARRATIVE: On […]

SRI LANKA: 14 year old rape victim reveals that a woman constable beat her at the police station

Dear Friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received updated information revealed by the young victim herself, which we wish to bring to your notice. On the 7th of July when she went to the Haputale Police station, a police woman constable, had beaten the young girl, and told her that when she is […]

SRI LANKA: Suspect in rape of 14-year-old girl released without proper investigation

Dear Friends, According to information received by the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC), a 14-year-old girl was abducted and raped by her school bus driver on 19th June 2016. Later, she was threatened to keep quiet or her parents and other family members would be killed. Despite the family members filing a complaint with the […]

NEPAL: Protest & Repression – Special Report on State Responsibility for 37 Killings During Protests in Terai

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) and Terai Human Rights Defenders Alliance (‘the THRD Alliance’) published today a report on the anti-Constitution protests from August 16, 2015 to February 5, 2016 in which over 40 people died. The report focuses on the use of force by the Government of Nepal against protestors and bystanders. Based […]

PAKISTAN: Forced marriages and conversions stem from institutionalised intolerance

While religious diversity forms the bedrock of a civilized democratic state, the right to propagate and freely practice one’s religion is strictly restricted by Pakistan’s orthodox clergy, which is bent upon imposing its own version of the state religion. There is a growing concern within the country over the shrinking social space for minorities. Far […]

INDONESIA: Three indigenous Papuans arbitrarily arrested, tortured and currently waiting for an uncertain justice

Dear Friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information from a local network in Papua regarding the arbitrary arrest and torture of three indigenous Papuans, namely ElieserAwom (26), Yafeth Awom (18) dan Soleman Yom (24). They were arrested by four police officers in plain clothes at 11 pm in Deplat, Base-G Jayapura. The […]

PAKISTAN: Woman suffers rape, torture, and cruelty for two years and counting

Dear Friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information about the gang rape and incessant mental and physical torture being meted to a poor woman, Nasira Parveen. Her rapists, who have brought misery to the lives of her whole family, have tormented her for the past 2 years. The Police and lower Judiciary […]

INDIA: Human rights defender tortured and falsely charged by West Bengal police

Dear friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission has received information from human rights organisation MASUM that Mr. Ajimuddin Sarkar, a district human rights monitor of Murshidabad district, West Bengal was illegally arrested and detained by plain-clothed police personnel of Islampur Police Station in broad daylight after being abused and beaten up. Mr. Sarkar had been […]

PHILIPPINES: Lumad leaders killed by paramilitary forces

Dear Friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) is deeply concerned about the killing of three indigenous leaders in the community of Km.16, Barangay Diatagon Lianga, Surigao Del Sur. Paramilitary forces were threatening the civilian community, accusing the victims of being rebel New People’s Army members. CASE DETAILS: (Based on the documentation by Alliance for […]

PAKISTAN: The Ismaili Shia professor died because of the religious based victimization from university authorities

Dear friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received updated information that the Ismaili Shia lady professor from N.E.D. Engineering University died at the hospital bed who was victimized by the university authorities on the basis of religious hate campaign against the Shia community, the second largest Shia sect of the country. The teaching […]

PAKISTAN: Ismaili Shia professor religiously discriminated against and pushed to her deathbed

Dear Friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information that Islamic fundamentalists have started directing educational institutions to take a stance against members of Muslim minority groups, particularly Shias, the second largest sect of Islam. This time a Pesh Iman (mosque leader), who is also lecturer, has targeted one of the largest engineering […]

INDIA: Pregnant woman raped by Indian Army soldiers

Dear Friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information that Indian Army personnel in Kokrajhar District of Assam have gang raped Mrs. Sarita Devi, who is eight months pregnant, during raids carried out for “Operation All Out” on 8 August 2015. The incident took place when soldiers attached to 10 Bihar Regiment arrived […]

SRI LANKA: Anthony Kingsley- arrested, assaulted, threatened with torture

Dear Friends, According to information received by the Asian Human Rights Commission, Mr. Anthony Kingsley, a casual labourer living in Hantana Estate, Kandy had been arrested by police officers attached to the Crime Branch of the Kandy Headquarters Police Station. This took place during a church procession in full view of the public. He was […]

PHILIPPINES: Detainees threatened, tortured and their religion disrespected

Dear Friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) writes to express concern regarding the disrespect of the religion and dignity of 20 prisoners presently detained in General Santos City Jail. Tortured detainees were prevented from complaining due to threats to their families. CASE DETAILS: (Based on the testimony of 20 prisoners of General Santos City Jail, […]

INDIA: Massive displacement and loss of livelihood in wake of Mapithel Dam construction

Dear Friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) wishes to forward an appeal from the Centre for Research and Advocacy, Manipur, regarding the displacement and injustice faced by villagers affected by the Mapithel Dam construction. For more information, please contact: Jiten Yumnam Secretary, Centre for Research and Advocacy, Manipur Sega Road, Hodam Leirak Imphal Manipur […]

WORLD: Gross Adulteration of the US TIP Report

A Statement from TENAGANITA Women’s Force forwarded by the Asian Human Rights Commission The U.S Department of State’s Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report has, for the past few years, been seen by many organizations tackling modern-day slavery as a tool for governments to undertake structural changes that would end the trafficking and enslavement of persons in their […]

INDIA: Minor girls forced into sex trade after being trafficked in Assam

Dear Friends,  The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information about two girls having been forced into the sex trade after being trafficked by a relative. Government officials in a government office and in a private residence repeatedly raped the two girls for two days. The incident came to light after the incident was […]

INDIA: Stop Meghalaya Government from buying time for coal mine owners

Dear Friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission has received information that the Meghalaya state government has placed an application before the National Green Tribunal to extend the date of transportation and payment of royalty on coal. This application has been made despite the government and mine owners having had one entire year to clear out […]

ASIA: Weekly Roundup, Episode 81

An Announcement by the Asian Human Rights Commission This week’s Roundup begins in the Indian state of Kerala. The state government has initiated a process of police reforms. This unique initiative involves enabling the police to undertake scientific crime investigation. AHRC TV interviews AHRC Executive Director Bijo Francis to learn more about the outlook for […]