Sexual violence

AHRC TV: JUST ASIA, Episode 105

In this first episode of Just Asia in 2016, AHRC TV covers stories of disappearances and shrinking spaces for the freedom of expression. However, first up, the programme reports on the conclusion of a rape case in Sri Lanka, more than 14 years after the case began being heard. Rita, unlike many other rape victims, […]

PAKISTAN: Woman suffers rape, torture, and cruelty for two years and counting

Dear Friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information about the gang rape and incessant mental and physical torture being meted to a poor woman, Nasira Parveen. Her rapists, who have brought misery to the lives of her whole family, have tormented her for the past 2 years. The Police and lower Judiciary […]

INDIA: Let’s talk about marital rape but wait…the criminal justice system is not equipped for such a thing!

Article | India | 30-11-2015

Emarine Kharbhih The Ministry of Home Affairs stated in the parliament that India is not ready for a marital rape law since it will “break the institution of marriage”. According to a study done by the International Centre for Women and the United Nations Population Fund, 57.5 per cent of men agree that a wife […]

AHRC TV: JUST ASIA, Episode 100

This week marks the 100th episode of AHRC TV’s weekly human rights news programme, newly renamed as Just Asia. For this centennial anniversary, AHRC TV presents a new look to the programme, which will itself be further upgraded over the next few weeks and months. The theme for this week’s programme is violence against women […]

PAKISTAN: New wave of attacks, abduction, rape and forced conversion of Christians

Courtessy from daily Pakistan Freedom of religion is a fundamental right that exists only on paper in Pakistan. Each year thousands of Christians, forming 13% of the total population, suffer at the hands of religious bigots who use blasphemy as an excuse to ruin their life. Christian girls are increasingly being forced to convert to Islam. According […]

PAKISTAN: World’s third most dangerous country for women

A statement on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women Gender based violence continues to show an upward trend in Pakistan, which has been ranked as the third most dangerous country for women by the Thomson Reuters Foundation Poll. The past four years, with the formation of civil governments, have seen the […]

SRI LANKA: The Rule of Law Committee condemns the investigation process related to the death of the Five(05) year old girl on 13 September 2015

Rule of Law, A Standing Committee of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka RULE OF LAW A Standing Committee of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka B.A.SL.,153, MihinduMawatha, Colombo 12. Chairpersons- Mr. Lal Wijenayake/ Mr.PriyanthaGamage Convenors- Mrs.NaliniJayathilake/ Mr.NuwanBopage MEDIA STATEMENT : The Rule of Law Committee of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka expresses it’s […]

WORLD: An Overview of Major Challenges in Law and Practice regarding Gender Perspectives on Torture and Ill Treatmen

A Paper – “An Overview of Major Challenges in Law and Practice regarding Gender Perspectives on Torture and Ill Treatment”, by Therese Maria Rytter, Director of Legal Affairs and Advocacy, DIGNITY – Danish Institute against Torture, and Member of the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT), forwarded by the Asian Human Rights Commission […]

PAKISTAN: An 8 year old girl was raped by Imam of a mosque – no end in sight for child sexual abuse

An eight years old girl, Miss N (real name withheld), who is the daughter of Meer Muhammud, from Golrachi Village, in the Badin District of Sindh Province has been raped by a religious leader in the mosque. Her Quran teacher, Imam Khameesa, someone who is also a local mosque leader, reportedly raped her on 25 […]

PAKISTAN: Gender discrimination – a stark reality

Amir Murtaza Neglect and discrimination on the bases of gender has been quite common in traditional societies. Such phenomenon is present in all classes of the society and exhibits in several forms. According to Dictionary Online: Gender Discrimination is a situation in which someone is treated less well because of their sex, usually when a […]

PAKISTAN: Gang rapes and videos that circulate

Rape is not merely an offence against the body; it is soul shattering. In a so-called Islamic state like Pakistan, rape is a punishable crime, with a zero conviction rate. The true intentions of the State and its people are exposed in a land where a rape occurs every two hours and a gang rape […]

INDIA: Dalit women stripped naked is the fact that matters

Article | India | 09-10-2015

Avinash Pandey It is the Republic and not a Dalit family that stands naked in front of Dankaur Police Station in Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, located not more than 50 kilometres from the national capital. There are “conflicting” reports, as well as pictures and videos, which have gone viral on social media about what […]

SRI LANKA: Brutal Murder of little Seya and the relevance of the OHCHR Investigation Report

The abduction, rape, and murder of Seya Sadewmi of Kotadeniyawa on 12 September 2015 has led many Sri Lankans to react across the country, and provoked many demonstrations by women’s organisations and also by children. Even yesterday, 23 September 2015, demonstrations by school children were reported from the North of the country. Similarly, media reports […]

PAKISTAN: Judicial inquiry demanded in rape and murder of Hindu girl and police botch the investigation

Dear Friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information regarding the gang rape and alleged murder of a Hindu girl from the Meghwar caste by influential people belonging to the ruling party of Sindh Province. The police of District Umer Kot (formerly Amar Kot) have botched up the whole investigation in an effort […]

NEPAL: हाते पुस्तिका जातीय भेदभाव तथा छुवाछूत न्यायका लागि पहल प्रकाशन

Statement | Nepal | 08-09-2015

दक्षिण एसियामै जातीय भेदभाव तथा छुवाछूत मुख्य समस्याको रुपमा रहेको छ । विगतदेखि जातीय भेदभाव तथा छुवाछूत अन्त्यका लागि यस क्षेत्रमा भएका पहलहरु अझै प्रभावकारी हुन सकेका छैनन् । नेपालका सबै नागरिकहरूलाई समानता, स्वतन्त्रता र आत्मसम्मान जस्ता मानवअधिकारका मूलभूत विषयहरू नेपालको अन्तरिम संविधान, २०६३, राष्ट्रिय कानुनहरू तथा नेपालपक्ष भएका मानवअधिकारसम्बन्धी अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय दस्तावेजहरूले प्रत्याभूत गरेका छन् […]

PAKISTAN: Child abuse scandal exposes twisted justice system

The initial shock at the serial sexual abuse committed over a decade in three villages of Punjab Province of Pakistan has unfortunately given way to something even more tragic: an understanding of the true scale of sexual violence committed on children in Pakistan, something that far exceeds what has been unearthed, and something that appears […]

WORLD: Gross Adulteration of the US TIP Report

A Statement from TENAGANITA Women’s Force forwarded by the Asian Human Rights Commission The U.S Department of State’s Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report has, for the past few years, been seen by many organizations tackling modern-day slavery as a tool for governments to undertake structural changes that would end the trafficking and enslavement of persons in their […]

INDIA: Minor girls forced into sex trade after being trafficked in Assam

Dear Friends,  The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information about two girls having been forced into the sex trade after being trafficked by a relative. Government officials in a government office and in a private residence repeatedly raped the two girls for two days. The incident came to light after the incident was […]

INDIA: Wife gang-raped by husband’s friends in Kerala; police stonewall victim

Dear Friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission has received information from Nervazhi, a human rights organisation based in Thrissur District of the Indian state of Kerala concerning the case of Mary (name changed) who was gang-raped by her husband’s friends. Mary struggled to lodge a complaint against the perpetrators with the local police. The police […]

ASIA: Weekly Roundup, Episode 73

In this week’s Roundup, AHRC TV brings to you critical stories from the region. The programme begins with an update on Nepal, where a second major earthquake has rocked the nation. Renewed rescue efforts, along with relief work, have recommenced, but are inadequate for the needs of the people of the Himalayan nation.  Staying in Nepal, […]