Sexual violence

PAKISTAN: A nuclear state remains unable to protect the fate of women

In retaliation for the recently passed Women’s Protection Act by the Punjab provincial government, Pakistan’s Council of Islamic Ideology has made parallel suggestions for amending the Act, including allowing a husband to lightly beat his wife for defying him, banning co education after primary level, and banning women from receiving male visitors. The Council of […]

SRILANKA/ASIA: Preliminary observations and recommendations of the Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment, Mr. Juan E. Mendez

Preliminary observations and recommendations of the Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment, Mr. Juan E. Mendez following his visit to Sri Lanka from 29th April – 7th May 2016 forwarded by the Asian Human Rights Commission Colombo, 7 May 2016 *This statement should be read in conjunction with […]

PAKISTAN: Transgender activists continue to face police abuse and discrimination

Discrimination and abuse from police and government officials continues to be faced by transgender rights defenders. Furthermore, many activists have been abducted, beaten, and raped for raising their voice against the atrocities meted out to them. Pakistani society by and large ostracises persons of transgender. Being social outcastes and shunned by their families, many transgender […]

INDIA: The Elephant in the Room: The brutal rape and murder case in Kerala and the need for police reform

An article by Bijo Francis and Urmila Pullat The press has reported on three rapes in Kerala in the last month. The one that everyone is talking about is the brutal rape and murder on April 28 of the Dalit law student, whose dismembered body was found by her mother in their home. The ones not discussed […]

PAKISTAN: Deafening silence on the rape of Hindu girls

In this month five-year-old Hindu girl, Shazia Bheel, was murdered by Zahid Sheikh, a man who was dressed as a woman when he raped and murdered the child in Hyderabad. An FIR (# 22/2016), was lodged for murder and rape against the culprit on the compliant of the father of the deceased child. Women and […]

AHRC TV: JUST ASIA, Episode 122

This week Just Asia begins with Pakistan, where three cases of honour killings have been reported from the country over the last 15 days, killing five women. Such acts are the result of a typical mindset that women must be killed for disobeying men, and besmirching their honour. The year 2015 saw more than 7,010 […]

SRI LANKA: Letter to the HRC-SL; Request for special action regarding Ms M K Malani– tortured, sexually abused and incarcerated under fabricated charges by Nawalapitiya Police

Dr. Deepika Udagama Chairman, National Human Rights Commission Head Office,  No. 165 Kynsey Road,  Borella, Colombo 08 Sri Lanka Dear Dr. Deepika Udagama, Request for special action regarding Ms M K Malani, presently being held at the Dumbara-Bogambara Prison – tortured, sexually abused and incarcerated under fabricated charges by Nawalapitiya Police The Asian Human Rights […]

SRI LANKA:Kondaya, Raised to the Status of Mysterious Criminal

The name Kondaya is now a household name, following the tragic Sadewmi case, the abduction, rape and murder of a little girl of around 4 years. Discovery of the dead body led to an uproar not only in her village and the neighbouring villages but throughoutthecountry. There was a demand for immediate inquiries and for prosecution and […]

SRI LANKA :Absurdities arising out of delays in litigation

A group of people at a workshop identified the following as the basic adverse consequences of delays in litigation: • It changes the way litigation is conducted and encourages exchanging favors, as well as lying. • It encourages using criminals and other third parties to settle disputes. • Many judges preside over the same trial […]

PAKISTAN: Safe Haven for Rapists in Uniform

Pakistani women, be they young or old, or even dead or alive, suffer rape by perverted elements that use rape as a tool to suppress and oppress half of the country’s population. One cannot fathom the moral bankruptcy of a society where a rape occurs every two hours. Going by the statistics, each day 12 […]

PAKISTAN: Government non-compliance with minimum standards against human trafficking

According to the UN Office on Drugs and Crime’s Global Report on Trafficking in Persons 2013, 55-60% of all trafficking victims are women. Pakistan is both a country of origin and destination, as far as trafficking of women is concerned. Women in Pakistan are most vulnerable to trafficking due to poverty, gender discrimination, lack of […]

PAKISTAN: Illegal jirga settles gang rape of minor with 1200 kilograms of wheat

Dear friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information that a 14-year-old girl was gang raped by influential persons from a political party, and the matter was settled with compensation of 1200 kilograms of wheat through the illegal jirga system. The girl’s father says he had no choice but to accept the compensation, […]

AHRC TV: JUST ASIA, Episode 113

This week’s episode of Just Asia covers International Women’s Day, marked annually on March 8, to reflect on women’s struggles to achieve their rights. This year’s theme is “Planet 50-50 by 2030: Step It Up for Gender Equality”. Looking at women in Asia, Just Asia begins with Pakistan, where many cultural and religious practices pose […]

PAKISTAN: Women friendly laws are a start to turn the tide

Domestic violence is rampant throughout the world. In Pakistan, however, female victims of such violence are left without reprieve, as they have to suffer the dogma of being labelled loose women if they decide to stand up to their abusers, who are usually male family members. So Pakistani women have been staying in abusive relationships, […]

AHRC TV: JUST ASIA, Episode 111

This week AHRC TV’s Just Asia begins with Burma, where four protesters already sentenced by a court in May 2015, are now facing additional charges for the same incident. Burma’s first democratic election of November 2015 has done little to curb rights violations in the country. Next, the crisis at New Delhi’s Jawarhalal Nehru University […]

PAKISTAN: Forced marriages and conversions stem from institutionalised intolerance

While religious diversity forms the bedrock of a civilized democratic state, the right to propagate and freely practice one’s religion is strictly restricted by Pakistan’s orthodox clergy, which is bent upon imposing its own version of the state religion. There is a growing concern within the country over the shrinking social space for minorities. Far […]

PAKISTAN: Transgender community continues to suffer for being different

In a conservative society like Pakistan, being a trans-person is deemed a crime. The transgender community is treated as outcastes having no identity or rights. Like other marginalized factions of the society, the transgender suffer discrimination and injustice at the hands of the influential. According to Front Line Defender, the International Foundation for the Protection […]

INDIA: Dead criminal justice system haunts the living

Statement | India | 05-02-2016

A 21-year-old woman committed suicide by hanging herself on 28 January 2016. In her suicide note the woman wrote about the most obvious and the ugly truth of India: that of losing faith in the country’s criminal justice process. She wrote: “Please mummy, papa forgive me. I will not get justice anymore, nor will I […]

INDIA: From Khairlanji to Hyderabad: what post-outrage?

Article | India | 03-02-2016

RohithVemula’s suicide will not be just another suicide in the statistical records of the National Crime Records Bureau. It will not be so in the same way the 2006 massacre in Khairlanjiwas not. These two cases separated by almost a decade,are far more than a statistic of ordinary crime, such as that committed in a […]

PAKISTAN: 521/2160 girls missing in 2015. 7 murdered children reported.

A Statement from Roshni helpline Research and Development Organization forwarded by the Asian Human Rights Commission The missing children’s search and recovery organization Roshni Helpline has published its annual report for 2015 on missing children in Karachi Pakistan, one of the largest industrial cities. A total of 2160 children have been reported missing in the […]