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SRI LANKA: Brutal Murder of little Seya and the relevance of the OHCHR Investigation Report

The abduction, rape, and murder of Seya Sadewmi of Kotadeniyawa on 12 September 2015 has led many Sri Lankans to react across the country, and provoked many demonstrations by women’s organisations and also by children. Even yesterday, 23 September 2015, demonstrations by school children were reported from the North of the country. Similarly, media reports […]

INDIA: Woeful child malnutrition persists amidst wonderful schemes

Statement | India | 21-09-2015

A social justice bench of the Supreme Court of India comprising justices Madan B. Lokur and U.U. Lalit recently lambasted the government yet again for its failure in implementing welfare schemes for children belonging to the lower strata of society. The Court stressed the “mismatch” between the “wonderful schemes” the government creates and the ground […]

INDIA: Growth of Inequality, as of 2015

Sachin Kumar Jain Whenever clichés like development, economic progress, growth rates, and their ilk begin swirling in the air, it can, rather, it should, be safely assumed that there is something terribly amiss; the most important social issues are getting brushed under a (red?) carpet (for whom?). The day’s vegetable prices become the handle to […]

INDIA: Forests need PPP with Tribes, not with for profit companies’

Statement | India | 16-09-2015

The rights of tribal people and other forest dwelling communities are set to be assaulted again, as the Indian government is warming up to the to the idea of public private partnerships in forest management. Though the details of the proposal are still unclear, a report in the Hindustan Times suggest that the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate […]

World : Receiving visitors in the ‘Republic of Conscience’

An Article published in the Hong Kong Free Press, on 11th September 2015, forwarded by the Asian Human Rights Commission By Basil Fernando Perhaps the most touching moment broadcast through international media in recent times is the warm welcome people fleeing Syria through Hungary received from large German crowds on arrival. When citizens of one country […]

INDIA: Practicing untouchability is a crime, ‘not a social evil’

The practice of untouchability being a criminal offence did not deter ‘upper caste’ villagers in Sigaranahalli in Holenarsipur Taluk of Karnataka from mercilessly driving out four Dalit women who dared to enter a local Hindu temple. It did not deter them from fining the women with 10,000 rupees (about $150 USD) for a crime they, […]

PAKISTAN: Establishing Child Rights Commission

Iqbal Ahmed Detho The debate around legislating child protection laws and creating institutional mechanisms has got sympathetic constituency both among public and policy makers after the gory incident of raping the children and making their videos in Kasur, Punjab. Before this incident became public, Federal Government had moved a draft bill in the parliament for […]

PAKISTAN/ASIA: Collective failure of world leaders

Who will account for the death of three year old Aylan whose dead body was washed up at the Aegean beach in Turkey, the photo of the toddler called upon world’s conscience. The photo that went viral over social media sparked a fresh debate on the Syrian refugees facing civil strife since 2011. As mentioned […]

INDIA: Laureates Appeal to the Government and the UN for Review of the Sardar Sarovar Dam Project

A Press Release from the Right Livelihood Award Foundation forwarded by the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) Friday, 14 August 2015 Hong Kong The Asia Press Office, Right Livelihood Award Foundation, would like to forward you an appeal on behalf of over 40 Laureates of the Right Livelihood Award, also known as ‘The Alternative Nobel Prize’. Laureates […]

PAKISTAN: State fails to protect its citizens from fury of nature

Developing states are most affected by climatic change, with weak infrastructure and even weaker disaster mechanism. The disaster-affected are left to fend for themselves. The developing state of Pakistan remains one of the most vulnerable to adverse impacts of climate change like floods, droughts, climate, and weather variability. Every passing year, Pakistan is being hit by […]

INDIA: Government dumps the Court’s Order in a sewer

Statement | India | 20-07-2015

A total of 180,657 rural households continue to engage in manual scavenging in India, despite the inhuman practice being repeatedly outlawed by the Parliament and Judiciary. This is the state a year after the launch of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Mission), a flagship scheme of the incumbent government, covering 4,041 statutory towns, aiming to […]

INDIA: Farmers seek permission to die in order to live

Article | India | 17-07-2015

by Avinash Pandey Photo © Sarath Kuchi Seven farmers have recently sought the governments’ permission to end their lives. They have drafted applications and submitted them – as per protocol in any “normal” application – to the Office of the Tehsildar (local revenue officer) in Wardha District, Maharashtra. What’s more, the seven have even received […]

NEPAL: People in pain

An article from the Kathmandu Post, written by Dipendra Jha forwarded by the Asian Human Rights Commission by Dipendra Jha Torture has evolved into a chronic problem in Nepal, particularly after the end of the decade-long Maoist conflict. In October 2012, the Committee against Torture concluded that torture is systematically practiced in Nepal. Data by […]

PAKISTAN: Government buries head in the sand as thousands die of heat stroke

Karachi, Pakistan’s largest metropolis and port city and home to 20 million people, continues to suffer mass heat stroke deaths. Adding to the deaths being caused by bullets and bombs, nature has unleashed its fury upon the citizens of Karachi, with temperatures soaring to 45 degrees Celsius. Within the past four days, 1,200 people are […]

NEPAL: Rush relief to hilly districts before monsoon slush

Owing to a mountainous topography, many parts of Nepal are inaccessible during monsoon season; travelling to those more accessible can also be perilous at this time due to landslides. The problems that monsoons bring are more severe this year in aftermath of the devastating earthquake on April 25, and its destructive aftershock on May 12, […]

NEPAL: Misguided priorities

An article from the Kathmandu Post forwarded by the Asian Human Rights Commission by Shradha Ghale Two months after the massive earthquake, the government has declared that the ‘relief phase’ is over and focus should now be on reconstruction. No one can deny the enormity of the task the government was faced with during this […]

PHILIPPINES: Massive displacement of indigenous peoples due to aerial bombardment

Dear Friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission is deeply concerned about the aerial bombardment in the mountains of Sarangani province, Mindanao due to military operations, resulting in massive displacement of indigenous Blaans in the area. Soldiers also threatened and forced confessions from villagers on locations of rebel groups in their community.  CASE DETAILS: (Based on information received from […]

ASIA: Weekly Roundup, Episode 74

In this week’s Roundup, AHRC TV reports on the refugee crisis in the Andaman Sea, where thousands of Rohingya people have languished in rickety boats for weeks, fleeing persecution in Burma. Finally, this week, after much international pressure, Malaysia, Indonesia, and The Philippines have allowed the boatpeople to come ashore for temporary shelter. A long-term solution […]

INDONESIA: The Army grabs land after a brutal attack on farmers

Dear Friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission has received information regarding a brutal attack on farmers by the Indonesian Army. The alleged attack in Ramunia Village, Pantai Labu Sub-district of North Sumatera Province, came with the intent of grabbing farmers’ land. Army personnel of Regional Military Office, North Sumatera Province (Kodam I Bukit Barisan), along […]

ASIA: Weekly Roundup, Episode 73

In this week’s Roundup, AHRC TV brings to you critical stories from the region. The programme begins with an update on Nepal, where a second major earthquake has rocked the nation. Renewed rescue efforts, along with relief work, have recommenced, but are inadequate for the needs of the people of the Himalayan nation.  Staying in Nepal, […]