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WORLD: Picked up, killed and dumped in Balochistan

Article | World | 17-03-2014

The following article appeared as the editorial of the latest issue of ‘Torture: Asian and Global Perspectives’, a bi-monthly magazine published by the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC), based in Hong Kong and the Danish Institute Against Torture (DIGNITY) based in Denmark. by Nilantha Ilangamuwa The long march has clocked a hundred days. The brave […]

PAKISTAN: While illegal and gender-biased verdicts are passed by a Jirga with the assent of the State, women make amends

Whether fully or partially responsible for a crime, whether involved or not in an offence, women in Pakistan frequently come off worst when it comes to punishment. Gender-biased practises and discriminatory attitudes have become social norms which have even gained the status of religious dictates. Islam, in its original doctrine and essence, promotes equal recognition […]

INDIA: Interim Report Assam Public Hearing on Sexual Violence

Guwahati:  January 13, 2014 Interim Report: Introduction The insanity of the vicious and tragic violence over the years in India has always been masked and at the best ‘managed’ (read suppressed) by brute force and fear. There is no dearth of evidence to speak of the grave consequences on women and children in particular. The […]

INDONESIA: Intimidation of Ahmadis escalates in Singkut, Jambi

Dear friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information regarding intimidation by hundreds of villagers together with members of an intolerant group against the Ahmadi congregation in Singkut, Jambi. It was reported that the intimidation is a continuation of previous threats against two Ahmadi families that took place last month, which resulted in […]

SRI LANKA: Indebtedness, militarization, & the threat against all human rights

A Statement by the Asian Human Rights Commission on Human Rights Day Sinhalese The full report is available for download at: International human rights day is a day for the celebration of human dignity. It is an appropriate date to take stock of what progress, if any, has been made in the promotion and protection […]

ශරී ලංකාව: ණයගැතිබව, හමුදාකරණය, සහ සකල මානව හිමිකම්වලට එරෙහි තර්ජනය

English The full report is available for download at: අන්තර්ජාතික මානව හිමිකම් දිනය මානව අභිමානය සමරන දිනයකි. එහිදී, ශරී   ලංකාවේ මානව හිමිකම් පර්ත වර්ධනය හා ආරක්ෂාව සම්බන්ධයෙන් යම්කිසි දියුණුවක් ලබා තිබේ නම් එම දියුණුව කුමක්දැයි සලකා බැලීම සඳහා මේ දිනය යොදාගැනීම සුදුසු ය. අවාසනාවකට මෙන් මේ සම්බන්ධයෙන් පරුසුගමනයක් දැකගත නොහැකි අතර ඒ වෙනුවට පැහැදිලිවම […]

INDONESIA: Democracy incomplete in 15 years of reform

The full report is available for download at: In commemoration of Human Rights Day on December 10, the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) is issuing a brief report on the state of human rights in Indonesia. Using the examples of events which took place in 2013, the report highlights three crucial subjects which have been […]

PAKISTAN: The Country has turned into a Killing Field

The full report is available for download at: A Statement by the Asian Human Rights Commission on Human Rights Day AHRC releases its Report on the State of Human Rights in Pakistan, 2013 In 2013, the people of Pakistan have remained at the mercy of state and non-state actors who resort to violence as a […]

ASIA: Parliamentarians and human rights defenders urge effective measures to curb custodial torture

Statement | Asia | 15-11-2013

The following is a statement by participants of the 2nd Conference of Asian Parliamentarians and Human Rights Defenders, 11-13 November, Hong Kong, organised by the Asian Alliance Against Torture and Ill-Treatment: Parliamentarians and human rights defenders from Sri Lanka, India, Burma, Bangladesh, Indonesia, the Philippines, Canada, Hong Kong, and Denmark have attended a meeting to […]

WORLD: Why Torture Is Wrong

Article | World | 09-10-2013

The following interview was originally printed in the latest issue of the Torture: Asian and Global Perspectives. An exclusive conversation with Dr. Nora Sveaass Born in Oslo, Norway, in December 1949, Dr. Nora Sveaass is a clinical psychologist who has been engaged in various parts of the world in relation to human rights and rehabilitation after […]

PAKISTAN: Civil Society urges Govt. enact law to end Torture

International Day in support of Torture victims Rights-based organizations, HR defenders vow to synergies efforts to combat Torture LAHORE:(26th June 2013):“The large scale instances of torture in custody is a common practice in Pakistan and there is no law in the country to stop this menace. The Parliament of Pakistan should enact law for criminalization of torture. Govt. […]

INDONESIA: Discrimination, threats and intimidation against Ahmadi community in Cianjur continue

Dear friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received updated information regarding the intimidation and threats on the Ahmadi community in Cianjur, west Java. Following the forced closure of their three mosques by non-tolerant groups supported by the local government on 12 April 2013, members of the Ahmadi community in the area have been […]

WORLD: When we are dreaming of a torture free society

Statement | World | 30-05-2013

Torture: Asian and Global Perspectives – Volume 2 Number 01, just issued Torture is endemic! Every moment of every day torture takes place somewhere in the world which shows us the gravity of the social destruction and disorder. Having a dream for a torture free society is not an illusion but something that is attached […]

INDONESIA: Government collaborates with non-tolerant groups in closing down three Ahmadi mosques in Cianjur

Dear friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information regarding the closure of three mosques belong to the Ahmadi community in Cianjur, West Java. It was reported that the closure was performed by hundreds of members of non-tolerant groups with the consent of local authorities. One of the mosques was vandalized by a […]

INDONESIA: Government of city of Bekasi close down an Ahmadi mosque, allegedly at the demands of non-tolerant groups

Dear friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received the information regarding the closing down of an Ahmadi mosque in the city of Bekasi, West Java. Since its establishment fourteen years ago, the mosque has been complying with the legal requirements prescribed by law. Authorities of the city of Bekasi referred to the joint […]

BANGLADESH: UN rights experts appeal to all sides to immediately stop the ongoing violence

A Statement from the United Nations forwarded by the Asian Human Rights Commission GENEVA (29 March 2013) – A group of United Nations independent human rights experts today called on all parties in Bangladesh “to cease violence immediately and return to peaceful demonstrations,” after worrying levels of violence have been reported following large-scale protests across […]

INDONESIA: Bekasi authorities demolish a church thereby nurturing religious intolerance in the territory

Dear friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information regarding the demolition of a church in Bekasi by the local authorities. The authorities claimed the demolition was performed as the church does not hold the necessary construction permit required by law. The permit was actually ‘being processed’ by the relevant authorities after the […]

PAKISTAN: A fighter for the poor and disenfranchised gunned down

Amir Murtaza In a tragic incident, the well-known social worker, educationist and development expert Parveen Rehman was brutally shot dead in Karachi on 13th March, 2013. She had been working vigorously for the emancipation of the poor and marginalized people in Pakistan, for more than two decades. Parveen Rehman was a very well respected teacher […]

PAKISTAN: The Country has gone Mad, No Doubt

Ms. Perveen Rehman (56), worked for the betterment of the poor and neglected When a small lady weighing hardly 60 kilograms working for the betterment of poor slum-dwellers, and amongst the under-privileged in poorer residential areas, is viewed as a dire threat to the Taliban and the local administration, the sanity of these institutions, and […]

PAKISTAN: The Supreme Court must ensure that Ahmadis should not be disfranchised

A Golden Opportunity to abolish self-contradictory Franchise System and Restore true Justice and Democracy in Pakistan The world has strongly and repeatedly drawn the attention of Pakistan to its self-contradictory franchise system which denies the Ahmadi Muslims the fundamental right to vote.( Click here to read our previous statement on the issue) The Supreme Court of […]