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INDONESIA: Human Rights merely a NORM under three years of President Widodo

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has learned that the three years Indonesia has been under President Joko Widodo and Vice President Jusuf Kalla’s administration, October 2014 – October 2017, there remains two years in the presidential term (2014-2019). Indonesia has ratified several key international human rights instruments such as the International Covenant on Civil […]

SRI LANKA: Lawful Public Protest not protected by Police who guarded attackers instead

Dear Friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) would like to inform you about an incident on 13 July 2017. The pepper farmers organized a Protest March from Pallebedda to Palmadulla in the Ratnapura District, marching towards Embilipitya-Ratnapura-Colombo Road. They walked peacefully, respecting the Law and protecting the lives and properties of the public. Unexpectedly, […]

SRI LANKA: Excessive force used by Police against protestors injuring 14 activists

Dear Friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) would like to inform you about an incident on 10 October 2017. Police used excessive force against protesters in a peaceful Public Protest at Kollupitiya Junction in Great Colombo Area. The protest was organized by the ‘Peoples Wall Against the Private Medical College SAITM.” Thousands of people, […]

INDIA/PAKISTAN: Stop shelling the Dharamsal village and other areas on the Line of Control in Jammu Kashmir

Dear Friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received updated information that around 500 residents in Dharamsal village, a small village on the Line of Control (dividing the State of Jammu Kashmir into Pakistani and Indian administered parts) have been living in equivocal situation since August 13, 2017. The Indian Army is unremittingly targeting […]

AHRC TV: Boat capsize kills 60 Rohingya and other stories in JUST ASIA, Episode 191

This week Just Asia begins with the death of 60 Rohingya in a boat capsize off Bangladesh on September 28, as they were fleeing violence in Burma. A UN spokesman said 23 people were confirmed dead and 40 more were “missing and presumed drowned”. Dozens of Rohingya have already died trying to cross into Bangladesh […]

WORLD: AHRC urgent appeals celebrates its 20th year

Statement | World | 28-09-2017

Asian Human Rights Commission is proud to announce that it is today celebrating the twentieth anniversary of its Urgent Appeals Programme. The first urgent appeal was issued on 17 September 1997. Ever since Asian Human Rights Commission’s Urgent Appeal Programme has continuously issued urgent appeals relating to human rights violations, reported from many countries of […]

PAKISTAN: UN critiques reprisals and intimidation suffered by human rights defenders

A new United Nations report (A/HRC/36/31) warns that a growing number of human rights defenders around the world are facing reprisals for cooperating with the UN on human rights. The report, ‘Cooperation with the United Nations, its mechanisms and representatives in the field of human rights’, mentions Pakistan among the 29 countries that have retaliated […]

INDONESIA: Stop persecution against human rights activists and victims of 1965-1966 massacre

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) condemns the attacks against the right to freedom of expression, opinion and peaceful assembly that have occurred frequently over the past year in Indonesia. These have occurred despite constitutional and legal guarantees to protect such rights: Article 28 of the Indonesian Constitution states, “Every person shall have the right […]

WORLD: Many senior officials and diplomats indulge in attacks against the human rights mechanisms, or deny the existence of serious violations

A Statement from Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights of the United Nations forwarded by the Asian Human Rights Commission Darker and more dangerous: High Commissioner updates the Human Rights Council on human rights issues in 40 countries Human Rights Council 36th session Opening Statement by Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, United Nations High […]

SRI LANKA: The Sinhala Translation of the Report of the UN Special Rapporteur for the independence of Judges and Lawyers

READ FULL REPORT – HERE ලංකාවට අවශ්‍ය අධිකරණමය සංශෝධන එක්සත් ජාතීන්ගේ මණ්ඩලයේ විනිශ්චයකාරවරුන්ගේ හා නීතිඥයන්ගේ ස්වාධීනත්වය පිලිබඳ සුවිශේෂ වර්තකාරිය වන මොනිකා පිටෝ විසින් ඇය ලංකාවට පැමිණි දුත ගමනින් පසු සකස්කොට නිකුත් කොට ඇති නිල වාර්තාව.  මහ ලේකම් කාර්යාලයේ සටහන 2016 අප්‍රේල් 29 සිට මැයි 7 වෙනි දින දක්වා ශ්‍රී ලංකාව තුල කල දුත ගමනේදී සකස් කරනු ලැබූ විනිසුරුවරුන් හා නීතිඥයන්ගේ ස්වාධීන බව […]

SRI LANKA: Recommendations of the United Nations Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment on his mission to Sri Lanka

A Statement by the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) on the occasion of International Day in Support of Victims of Torture On occasion of the International in Support of the Victims of Torture 2017 we think it is appropriate to recall the recommendations made by the United Nations Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or […]

PHILIPPINES: Call for support for the people of Mindanao

Dear Friends,  The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) wishes to forward an appeal from the Alliance for the Advancement of Peoples Rights (KARAPATAN), a human rights organization in the Philippines.  For more information, please contact:  Ms. Deejay Acierto at +63 2 4354146, +63917 6224761 (Globe) or +63 999 974 8718 (Smart). Thank you.  Urgent Appeals […]

AHRC TV: Deportation of Kashmiri activist and other stories in JUST ASIA, Episode 172

This week Just Asia begins with Belgium’s deportation order of activist Sajjad Husain. As a frontline defender for human rights and a free Kashmir, Husain’s work was not appreciated in Pakistan and he sought political asylum in Belgium in 2006. Finally refused asylum, Husain was facing imminent deportation to Pakistan. Due to the AHRC’s Urgent […]

INDONESIA: Considering Victims to Strengthen Truth and Reconciliation Commission

The Asian Human Rights Commission wishes to inform you about an essay with title “Considering Victims to Strengthen Truth and Reconciliation Commission.”This essay reflect from the book “Just and Unjust Peace and Ethic of Political Reconciliation.” The writer also used other books to extend his view on politic of reconciliation. This essay is also reflect to the experience of politic of reconciliation in Indonesia, […]

CAMBODIA: Prime Minister Hun Sen Was A Successful Wartime Leader But Certainly Not One In Peacetime Cambodia

An article, titled “Prime Minister Hun Sen Was A Successful Wartime Leader But Certainly Not One In Peacetime Cambodia” by Mr Ou Ritthy, forwarded by the Asian Human Rights Commission By Ou Ritthy Cambodia’s historic “July 22, 2014” ended disputing political parties’ electoral political deadlock and violence. It unleashed a “culture of dialogue” between Hun Sen’s ruling […]

SRI LANKA: “Though heavens fall let justice prevail”: An Interview with Basil Fernando on TV1 Newsline

Mr Basil Fernando, Director of Policy and Programmes of the Asian Human Rights Commission in Hong Kong speaks with Mr Faraz Shauketaly, Host of the News First – TV1’s “Newsline” programme on 05th January 2017 – on the proposed national reconciliation process; the recommendations of the United Nations for a domestic-international hybrid court inclusive of foreign judges – […]

AHRC TV: Marking International Human Rights Day and other stories in JUST ASIA, Episode 151

This week Just Asia focuses on international human rights day, celebrated annually on December 10. It commemorates the day on which the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted in 1948. The UN theme for this year’s Human Rights Day is ‘Stand up for someone’s rights today!’ At a time when intolerance and violence is […]

PAKISTAN: National Minorities Day – A perplexed nation

National Minorities Day is annually commemorated on August 11, in remembrance of the 1947 landmark speech of Pakistan’s founding father, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, envisaging that citizens of all faiths will be treated equally in the new nation: “You are free; you are free to go to your temples; you are free to go to your […]

PAKISTAN: HRCP advises government against reviving POPA

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has expressed concern over moves to revive the Protection of Pakistan Act (POPA), which had expired on July 15, and urged the government to avoid resorting to laws that violate the fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution. In a statement issued on Friday, the Commission said: “HRCP notes […]

WORLD: Remembering Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer – Latest issue of Torture Magazine

( Hong Kong , 08 February 2016)“His judgement in the Indira Gandhi case in 1975 was controversial, and earned him both accolades and criticism. Krishna Iyer’s judgement snowballed the political crisis leading to the imposition of the emergency,”  Justice G.S. Singhvi, Former Judge, Supreme Court of India noted in his summary of one of the […]