INDONESIA: Considering Victims to Strengthen Truth and Reconciliation Commission

The Asian Human Rights Commission wishes to inform you about an essay with title “Considering Victims to Strengthen Truth and Reconciliation Commission.”This essay reflect from the book “Just and Unjust Peace and Ethic of Political Reconciliation.” The writer also used other books to extend his view on politic of reconciliation.

This essay is also reflect to the experience of politic of reconciliation in Indonesia, where up until present the government has yet established national Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Meanwhile, in the national level reconciliation is being discussed without considering victims or family of victims, it is merely reflect the government’s views, in which substance of the view is avoiding justice accountability and strengthening impunity. As stated by the Coordinator Minister of Politic, Law and Security, Wiranto that the government propose to set up Council of National Harmony (Dewan Kerukunan Nasional) to tackle past abuses. This council is very problematic, does not consider the victims, no clear concept of justice and of course will be strengthening impunity (blanket amnesty). For further reading of the essay on Considering Victims to Strengthen Truth and Reconciliation Commission, please read here.