ASIA: Weekly Roundup, Episode 90

This week’s Roundup will focus on initiatives for police reform in South Asia.

The episode begins in Nepal where on-going instability in the Terai in the last 2 months has provided ample examples for the urgent need of police reform. Nepal’s dysfunctional, incompetent, violent, and corrupt police institution reflects the norm in the South Asian region. But, there are also some hopeful signs and opportunities for change.

In this programme, AHRC TV speaks with experts from Sri Lanka, India, and Pakistan to learn about both the difficulties and the hopeful signs for police reform. In particular, the programme considers the possibilities in a newly democratised Sri Lanka and in India’s state of Kerala that has recently announced willingness to embark on police reform.

The bulletin can be watched online at AHRC TV YouTube. We welcome both human rights feeds to be considered for weekly news bulletin, and your suggestions to improve our news channel. Please write to You can also watch our Weekly Roundup onFacebook.