ASIA: Weekly Roundup, Episode 83

This Week’s Roundup begins in Indonesia, where, despite a murderous attack by the police and military against indigenous Papuans in Paniai Regency, the National Commission on Human Rights has yet to conduct an investigation, as it claims have insufficient funds. Since then, the Independent Student Forum has managed to collect IDR 608,000 so that Commission can launch an investigation. AHRC conducts key interviews to learn more.

In Nepal, more than 8,700 people have died since the devastating earthquake struck. As many as 2.8 million people are still in dire need of different forms of aid. AHRC’s Dr. Mitra is training civil society activists in Nepal to provide victims with psycho-social counselling. AHRC TV will continue to report on this meeting next week as well.

The programme then moves to Hong Kong. Human rights campaigners and migrant workers from the Philippines have held a protest and public event in Hong Kong. AHRC’s Danilo Reyes spoke on the absence of protection from the Philippine government. Attention was drawn to the failures of Philippines’ justice institutions to punish law enforcers who commit gross violations of rights, something that remains the biggest obstacles to achieving justice.

Next, Hong Kong has dropped to an unprecedented low in the latest Reporters Without Borders global- ranking index on freedom of the press. It has dropped 52 places in the last 10 years. Instances of censorship, violence, and intimidation towards journalists have contributed to restrictions on media freedom. The subject of media freedom in Hong Kong will be explored in greater detail next week as well.

The programme follows up on events in Cambodia, where the LANGO law has been passed on July 24. With the enactment of this law, the government holds control over the rights of citizens and their freedoms. The law will present many obstacles against grassroots groups and informal networks. AHRC TV interviews Basil Fernando to learn more on the issue.

Lastly, the programme ends in Pakistan, where Raja Dahir, who had disappeared following his abduction by law enforcement personnel, has been found dead. His corpse, when discovered, was found to bear two gunshot wounds and torture marks.

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