INDONESIA: Interview Regarding Progress of Local TRC in Aceh

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) wishes to inform you about an interview with the Commissioner of Aceh Truth and Reconciliation (Aceh TRC), Mr. Muhammad Daud Beureuh.

Mr. Daud is also a former intern at the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) in 2012. During the internship, he worked with the Indonesian Desk, he got experiences and the experience is useful to develop his knowledge and capacity in dealing with human rights cases in Indonesia and finally, he is elected as one of the Commissioners of the Aceh TRC.

The interview focuses on several points as follow

1. The History of the Aceh TRC
2. What the Aceh TRC has done 
3. The result of the work of the Aceh TRC 
4. TRC Aceh in line with local wisdom and in so far has interviewed more than 200 victims and family of victims 
5. TRC has been running for three years

The interview available here

Some important points discussed in the interview are:

– The Aceh TRC was formed based on the mandate of the Helsinki MoU and the Law on Governing Aceh. Then the Aceh KKR institution is regulated in Aceh regional regulation number 17 of 2013;
– The Aceh TRC has the authority to reveal the truth about the armed conflict that occurred in Aceh during 1976 – 2005. Recommends that victims’ reparations comply with universal standards. and facilitating the achievement of reconciliation based on local wisdom between perpetrators and victims;
– The truth disclosure mechanism is carried out in 3 ways. First, taking statements in private and openly through meetings with testimony. Second, requests for information and documents from state and non-state institutions at the national, regional, and international levels related to the Aceh conflict. Third, conduct investigations as needed;
– The main objective of the Aceh TRC is to prevent similar incidents from happening again and to strengthen peace in Aceh;

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