ASIA: AHRC TV- Human Rights Asia Weekly Round up Episode 14

The AHRC releases today the 14th Episode, of the Human Rights Asia Weekly Round up  with special reports from India and Hong Kong.

In this week’s programme we bring you a special report from India, on how humiliation and hunger continues in refugee camps in the Uttar Pradesh. Four months after the unprecedented riots that rocked western Uttar Pradesh, there seem to be no end to the suffering of the minority Muslim community. Killed, threatened, hounded out of their ancestral villages and abandoned by the state, they are compelled to wage a battle for their survival in dilapidated relief camps run by community support.

In Pakistan a teenager has scarified his life in order to save 2000 fellow students by preventing a suicide bomber from blowing up the school. The incident took place in Hangu in Khyber Pakhtunkha (KPK) province, which has become a stronghold for the Taliban.

We also bring you the story of an Indonesian domestic helper who was tortured by her employer in Hong Kong. Erwiana Sulistyaningsih arrived in Kong Kong in May last year and endured 8 months of severe physical abuse by her employer; she was denied any pay and days off during this time. Erwiana managed to escape get onto a flight back to Indonesia and is currently being treated for her injuries.

The war crimes investigation visit has been concluded in Sri Lanka despite protests by politically motivated groups. Separately, attacks on several Churches have rattled the Christian community there. The latest attacks were carried out by unidentified armed groups on a number of churches in south-western Sri Lanka and they are believed to be sponsored by a certain section in the government.

Lastly we bring you a special feature of torture survivors Ananta Kalita and Biman Bose, both from Assam, India speaking to us of their ordeals at the hands of their captors.

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