Urgent Appeal Case

Sri Lanka: Investigate Crimes Against Humanity

10 August 1998 the International Federation of Tamils appeals to the United Nations Sub Commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities that upon the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court becoming law, the independent prosecutor of the Court is called upon to investigate the crimes against humanity, committed by the Sri Lanka […]

south Korea: Release of Political Prisoners: A Mockery Again

In commemoration of the independence of Korea from Japanese colonial rule on 15 August 1945, the government of the Republic of Korea announced a special amnesty on 14 August 1998. In spite of repeated expectations by human rights activists and families of political prisoners upon the inauguration of the once opposition leader President Kim Dae-jung, […]

Burma: 18 Human Rights Activists Sentenced to 5 Years of hard Labour and Deported

Dear Friends, Greetings! We are informed that the 18 Foreign Human Rights activist were sentenced to 5 years hard labour – for about 3 minutes. Moments after the judge had made his ruling an official of the Ministry of Home Affairs read an order reducing the sentences to deportation. Diplomats were told to meet the […]

Burma: 18 Foreign Human Rights Activists are on 5th Day of Detention

The 18 foreign human rights activists remain in prison without charges for the FIFTH day for distributing pro-democracy a red business-card-sized leaflet in Rangoon. With these words as "goodwill message": "We are your friends from around the world. We have not forgotten you. We support your hopes for human rights and democracy. 8-8-88 Don’t forget […]

Severe Torture at Ja-ela Police Station

Mr.Weerasinghe Arrachige Janaka Chaminda was released on Sunday 9 August 1998. Thanks to the immediate response of Human Rights Organisations. Chaminda was detained at Ja-ela police station on on 6 August 1998 where was severely beaten up by Inspector Weerasinghe. Chaminda was brought before a Magistrate and District Medical Officer (DMO) report was produce by […]

Burma: 18 Foreign Human Rights Activists Detained

9 August 1998 18 foreign human rights activist were arrested in Rangoon. They were part of an international group that went inside Burma to distribute international solidarity messages. Most of the activists were arrested at the airport as they were leaving Rangoon. They had attended the solidarity event to commemorate the anniversary of student massacre […]

Sri Lanka: Severe Torture at Ja-ela Police Station

On 6 August 1998 at 3.15 pm, a man named Weerasinghe Arrachige Janaka Chaminda was taken to Ja-ela police station. He was severely beaten up by Inspector Weerasinghe. He was beaten several times during the day and night. A person who went to see him one Milroy was also pulled inside the police station and […]

Pakistan: Situation After the Death of Bishop John Joseph

National Commission for Justice and Peace CAMPAIGN AGAINST BLASPHEMY LAWS CHRISTIAN-MUSLIM DELEGATION MET WITH MINISTER ZAFARUL HAQ A joint delegation of Christian and Muslim leaders met with Raja Zafarul Haq, Federal Minister for Religious and Minorities Affairs, on May 19,1998 in Islamabad and expressed their concern over the misuse of blasphemy laws. They also shared […]

south Korea: Protest Against Forced Conversion of Political Prisoners

On 2 July 1998, SARANGBANG Group for Human Rights, a network member from Korea issued a statement against forced Conversion of political prisoners. They are seeking your support and assistance on this issue. BACKGROUND INFORAMTION On 1 July, the minister of Justice, Sang-chon Park confirmed that the government would abolish ‘the conversion’, and implement a […]

India: SAARC: Campaign Against Nukes

Dear friends, Attached is a statement of concern on nuclear arms race in South Asia. The statement will be release in Colombo on the eve of the SAARC summit, July 29-31, 1998. We invite all concern persons to: – sign through the e-mail this campaign – email copies of this statement to other organisations – […]

Sri Lanka: Special Campaign on Disappearances, Particularly on Children

The three government commissions established to inquire into disappearances, which took place in large scale in Sri Lanka, have established 16,782 cases of such disappearances. (NGOs have estimated much larger number) The commissions have spend almost three years for inquiries and published their report at the end of last year. However no action has been […]

Sri Lanka: Independence of Judiciary Questioned

Sri Lanka was once known to have a very independent judiciary. It is well known that the former government (1977 – 1994) which ruled for over 17 years did a great deal to undermine the position of the judiciary. Many persons are worried about the situation that developed as a result of the neglect of […]

Pakistan: Message by NCJPP on Bishop’s Death and Funeral

Message: National Commission for Justice and Peace, Pakistan 8 May 1998 PAKISTAN: Eminent Catholic Bishop Sacrifices His Life to Protest Against Deadly Blasphemy Law Dear Friends, FUNERAL OF BISHOP JOHN JOSEPH’S Lahore. 8th May 98 The funeral service of Bishop John Joseph, who committed suicide as a protest against the blasphemy laws in Pakistan on […]

Pakistan: Eminent Catholic Bishop Sacrifices His Life to Protest

Bishop John Joseph fired a bullet into his head on 6 May 1998 in a court-house where a Catholic was sentenced to death on 27 April under the blasphemy law of Pakistan. The blasphemy law in Pakistan has been condemned throughout the world for many years, but there had been no change in the provisions […]

Pakistan: Five Unionists Arrested and Office Demolished

16 April 98 the District management supported by police force demolished the All Pakistan Trade Union Office. The office is located at 114 – Gulberg Road, Industrial Area, Kashmir Road, Gulberg, Lahore. No warning was given by the police. Police aggressively attacked the workers and beaten them when they try to stop the demolition. The […]

Thailand: Sulak Charged But Yadana Gas Pipeline Continues

On 28 February 1998 Prime Minister Chuan Leekpai decided that the laying of the Yadana gas pipeline by the Petroleum Authority of Thailand (PTT) should proceed as eighty percent of the construction is completed. The PTT project continues despite the fact that there was no transparent decision-making process; poorly conducted Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) without […]

south Korea: Prof. LEE Jang-hee Charged Under National Security Law

The Asian Human Rights Commisssion and MINKAHYUP- Human Rights Group express their deep concern on the continuing violations of the right to freedom of expression and opinion of Professor Lee Jang-hee. Professor Lee is from the Korea Foreign Language University and is on trial for publishing a children’s book titled \”I Am Reunification Generation One\” […]

SRI LANKA: Sky Sports Lanka Dispute

Dear Friends, Once again thank you for your support, solidarity and actions on the Sky Sport Lanka appeal. Unfortunately this matter is still a long way from resolution, but workers are continuing to fight on. This press release which we are about to issue should update you on the most recent developments. We are planning […]

Cambodia: Two Prisoners Suffering from AIDS

Prom Mean Rith, 34 years old, male – HIV test on 19 November 1997 Sar Ka Sem, 29 years old, male – HIV test on 19 November 1997 Prom Mean Rith and Sar Ka Sem are two prisoners in PJ Prison in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, who are facing death due to AIDS and are unable […]

Philippines: Harassment of Lawyers

Three lawyers have been harrassed for engaging in a case against the military implicated in the torture and murder of labour leader Rolando Olalia in 1986. The lawyers subject to harassment are Romeo T. Capulong, Marie Yuviengco and Rolando Rico Olalia of the Public Interest Law Centre. They are legal representatives of state witnesses in […]