Severe Torture at Ja-ela Police Station


Urgent Appeal Case: UA980813
ISSUES: Torture,

Mr.Weerasinghe Arrachige Janaka Chaminda was released on Sunday 9 August 1998. Thanks to the immediate response of Human Rights Organisations.

Chaminda was detained at Ja-ela police station on on 6 August 1998 where was severely beaten up by Inspector Weerasinghe.

Chaminda was brought before a Magistrate and District Medical Officer (DMO) report was produce by the police. However, the police obtained the Medical report without producing the Chaminda before the MDO. The police wanted to show the Magistrate that the suspect Chaminda did not suffer from injuries.

The lawyer who appeared on behalf of Chaminda before the Magistrate got the objection to the DMO report recorded.

The magistrate granted bail to Chaminda. He has receieved medical treatment at a hospital.

The lawyer acting on behalf of Chaminda is persuing the issue of torture


Please stop sending faxes to the government. AHRC will follow-up the case and if necessary will issue Urgent Appeals.

Document Type : Urgent Appeal Case
Document ID : UA980813
Countries : Sri Lanka,
Issues : Torture,