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INDONESIA/ACEH: Humanitarian workers and human rights activist attacked

Humanitarian workers and activist who are assistings victims of the on going arms conflict are often not welcome by both the armed rebels and the Indonesian military. Humanitarian workers and activist themeselves have become victims to violences, intimidation, torture and disappearances.  21 August 1999 Two humanitarian workers from BEMA LAIN in Ar-Raniery were arrested by […]

MALAYSIA: A Serious Crackdown in Malaysia

  It is reported that several arrests are taking place in Malaysia, which the human rights activists and observers describe as a crack down on the opposition. The most significant among them is the arrest of Karpal Singh who heads the legal team defending the former deputy Prime-Minister Anwar Ibrahim. He is charged with sedition […]

SRI LANKA: Systematic Detention,Torture, Rape and Murder as Weapon of War

The Sri Lankan security forces are using systematic rape and murder of Tamil women to subjugate the Tamil population.  28 December 1999, Mrs.Sarathambal Saravanbavananthakurukal, 29, was forcibly dragged out from her home, in Pungudutivu, near Jaffna Peninsula, by Sri  Lankan Navy soldiers. She was gang-raped and murdered Her body was found the following day, under […]

Tian Chua Released on Bail and Hundreds Charged for \"Illegal Assembly\"

AHRC UA990505 Malaysia 05 May 1999 ASIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION URGENT APPEAL 20 April 99 released on bail Tian Chua, chairperson of Gagasan Demokrasi Rakyat and Malek Hussain who were remanded for seven days. 14 April 99, 24 persons were arrested for suspected rioting which include Tian Chau and Malik Hussein. The suspects suffered various […]

Sri Lanka: Judicial Officer’s Constitutional Rights Violated

AHRC UA990426 Sri Lanka 26 April 1999 ASIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION URGENT APPEAL A Judicial Officer, Mr. M. Percy Wijesiriwardena, with nearly 12 years experience who had worked in several parts of the country has filed an application before the supreme court of Sri Lanka under section 126 of the Constitution complaining that the three […]

East Timor: More than 30 Killed by Militias

AHRC UA990419 East Timor 19 April 1999 ASIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION URGENT APPEAL More then 30 people killied in East Timor by militias. The 18-year-old adopted son of Manuel Carrascalao, Manuelito, was killed. On Saturday, at least four truckloads of militia with guns and a rocket drove around Dili. No action was taken whatsoever by […]

Malaysia: Statement on the Detention of 24 Persons

AHRC UA990416 Malaysia 16 April 1999 ASIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION PUBLIC STATEMENT The Asian Human Rights Commission [AHRC]together with 8 others organisation and friends based in Hong Kong – delivered their \”appeal letter\” to the representative of the Malaysian Consulate here. They read the STATEMENT and displayed posters during 15 minutes of picketing. The STATEMENT […]

Malaysia: Anwar Convicted to 6 Years Jail, 24 Others Arrested

AHRC UA990415 Malaysia 15 April 1999 ASIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION URGENT APPEAL Malaysian police detained 24 people following the imposition of a six year jail sentence on former deputy premier Anwar Ibrahim. Tian Chua was among those detained by police after he led demonstrations of about 500 people. The riot police fired tear gas, charged […]

Cambodia: Commune Violence at Ong Snoul District, Kandal Province

AHRC UA 990408 Cambodia 08 April 1999 <br> ASIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION URGENT APPEAL <br> <br> Mr. Chham Chan Deun, a member of the Sam Rainsy Party, was killed. He was killed on March 25, 1999 at 2 A.M. by a group of unknown men in military uniform. Witnesses saw approximately seven armed military men […]

Sri Lanka: 55th Session of UN Commission on Human Rights

AHRC UA990401 Sri Lanka 01 April 1999 ASIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION SPECIAL REQUEST We are making this request at a very special moment. As the United Nations Human Rights Commission has started its session the delegates have begun to arrive. Very much in the agenda of discussions is the disappearances issue about which we have […]

Malaysia: Hundreds Charged for \&quot;Illegal\&quot; Assembly

AHRC UA990316 Malaysia 16 March 1999 ASIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION URGENT APPEAL BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Since September 1998 sacking of Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, several hundred people have been arrested in connection with the series of demonstrations that have taken place.Thousands of Malaysians from all walks of life came into the streets to peacefully protest […]

Sri Lanka: Call for Action on Disappearances

AHRC UA990312 Sri Lanka 12 March 1999 ASIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION URGENT APPEAL BACKGROUND INFORMATION: The United Nation Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances Report E/CN.4/1999/62 dated 28 December 1998 states that the Sri Lankan Government informed the Working Group it had established an inter-ministerial committee \”to examine expeditious ways of implementing the recommendations […]

Freedom of Expression on Trial

AHRC UA990302 Malaysia 02 March 1999 ASIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION URGENT APPEAL [UPDATE] October 1998, thousands of Malaysians from all walks of life came into the streets to peacefully protest the corruptions and the injustices perpetrated by the government of the day. This form of protest had never before been seen in Malaysia. 17 October […]

Sri Lanka: Another Death Due to Police Assault

AHRC UA990210 Sri Lanka 10 February 1999 ASIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION URGENT APPEAL BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Name : Mr.Ranawaka Ararchige Nihal Padmasiri Age : 30 years Death: Due to police assault Date: 2nd February 1999 An inquest held on the death of Mr.Ranawaka Ararchige Nihal Padmasiri,30, by the judicial medical officer, established that the death had […]

Irene Fernandez Charged Under Printing Presses and Publication Act of 1984

AHRC UA990205 Malaysia 05 February 1999 ASIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION URGENT APPEAL [UPDATE] BACKGROUND INFORMATION: June 1996, Irene Fernandaz, director of Tenaganita, a non-government organisations, went on trial charged under the Printing Presses and Publication Act with maliciously publishing ‘false news\” in Tenaganita’s Report on condition at detention centres for undocumented migrant workers. Irene, if […]

Sri Lanka: A Youth Tortured to Death in Police Custody

AHRC UA990204 Sri Lanka 04 February 1999 ASIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION URGENT APPEAL BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Name of the Victim : K. R. ANURA SAMPPATH of Veera Puranappu Mawatha, Lakshapathiya, Moratuwa Age : 24 Date of Death : 30 December 1998 Place Of Death : Police Station, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka Anura Sampath was taken to the […]

East Timor: Open Letter to Habibie &#8211; Free Xanana Gusmao Now!

The Asia Pacific Coalition for East Timor’s (APCET) open letter to Habibie and the governments of ASEAN to free Xanana Gusmao now. We are seeking endorsement until 14 February 1999 for submission to the ASEAN Secretariat during the ASEAN Conference on Human Rights in Bangkok on the last week of February. The Asian Human Rights […]

Leo Echegaray Faces Death Sentence Again on 5 February 1999

On 23 December 1998 ASIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION issued an appeal to commute the death sentence of Leo Echegaray. Thanks to all your support he was given reprive for 6 months. Due strong pressure from the pro-death penalty lobby – he now faces death again on 5th February 1999. 7 September 1994: Leo Echegaray was […]

Cambodia: Update: Court Releases Two Human Rights Activists on Bail

On 20 January 1999 the Cambodian Court of Appeals this morning overturned a Sihanoukville Municipal Court Order and granted bail to two human rights campaigners from LICADHO (Cambodian League for Promotion of Human Rights), a human rights organization. The arrestees had been in detention for nearly a month. The Appeals Court held that the detention […]

Anwar Ibrahim and Other Detainees Tortured by Police

7 January 1999: The Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Rahim Noor resigned. It has been alleged that Rahim Noor was directly responsible for the injuries inflicted upon Anwar Ibrahim on the first night of his detention. Detainees are often beaten by police. Rahim Noors’ resignation confirmed the existence of the abuse of power within the police […]