Urgent Appeal Case

Freedom of Expression on Trial

AHRC UA990302 Malaysia 02 March 1999 ASIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION URGENT APPEAL [UPDATE] October 1998, thousands of Malaysians from all walks of life came into the streets to peacefully protest the corruptions and the injustices perpetrated by the government of the day. This form of protest had never before been seen in Malaysia. 17 October […]

Sri Lanka: Another Death Due to Police Assault

AHRC UA990210 Sri Lanka 10 February 1999 ASIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION URGENT APPEAL BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Name : Mr.Ranawaka Ararchige Nihal Padmasiri Age : 30 years Death: Due to police assault Date: 2nd February 1999 An inquest held on the death of Mr.Ranawaka Ararchige Nihal Padmasiri,30, by the judicial medical officer, established that the death had […]

Irene Fernandez Charged Under Printing Presses and Publication Act of 1984

AHRC UA990205 Malaysia 05 February 1999 ASIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION URGENT APPEAL [UPDATE] BACKGROUND INFORMATION: June 1996, Irene Fernandaz, director of Tenaganita, a non-government organisations, went on trial charged under the Printing Presses and Publication Act with maliciously publishing ‘false news\” in Tenaganita’s Report on condition at detention centres for undocumented migrant workers. Irene, if […]

Sri Lanka: A Youth Tortured to Death in Police Custody

AHRC UA990204 Sri Lanka 04 February 1999 ASIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION URGENT APPEAL BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Name of the Victim : K. R. ANURA SAMPPATH of Veera Puranappu Mawatha, Lakshapathiya, Moratuwa Age : 24 Date of Death : 30 December 1998 Place Of Death : Police Station, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka Anura Sampath was taken to the […]

East Timor: Open Letter to Habibie – Free Xanana Gusmao Now!

The Asia Pacific Coalition for East Timor’s (APCET) open letter to Habibie and the governments of ASEAN to free Xanana Gusmao now. We are seeking endorsement until 14 February 1999 for submission to the ASEAN Secretariat during the ASEAN Conference on Human Rights in Bangkok on the last week of February. The Asian Human Rights […]

Leo Echegaray Faces Death Sentence Again on 5 February 1999

On 23 December 1998 ASIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION issued an appeal to commute the death sentence of Leo Echegaray. Thanks to all your support he was given reprive for 6 months. Due strong pressure from the pro-death penalty lobby – he now faces death again on 5th February 1999. 7 September 1994: Leo Echegaray was […]

Cambodia: Update: Court Releases Two Human Rights Activists on Bail

On 20 January 1999 the Cambodian Court of Appeals this morning overturned a Sihanoukville Municipal Court Order and granted bail to two human rights campaigners from LICADHO (Cambodian League for Promotion of Human Rights), a human rights organization. The arrestees had been in detention for nearly a month. The Appeals Court held that the detention […]

Anwar Ibrahim and Other Detainees Tortured by Police

7 January 1999: The Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Rahim Noor resigned. It has been alleged that Rahim Noor was directly responsible for the injuries inflicted upon Anwar Ibrahim on the first night of his detention. Detainees are often beaten by police. Rahim Noors’ resignation confirmed the existence of the abuse of power within the police […]

Activist Lashed Out At Prime Minister ond Anwar’s Trial

Malaysia Press Conference: Malaysian Activist Lashes Out At Prime Minister and Anwar’s Trial Dear Friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission had organised a Press Conference and RoundTable on 30 December 98 on theme \"Malaysia:Human Rights Situation.\" The keynote speaker: Mr. Tian Chua the Chairperson of the newly formed Gagasan Demokrasi Rakyat (Coalition for People’s Democracy) […]

Cambodia: Two Human Rights Activists Arrested for Action Against Dumping of Toxic Waste

21 December 1998, Mr Seng Sok Kim and Mr Meas Minear, both staff of the Cambodian League for Promotion of Human Rights [LICADHO] were arrested by police. Mr. Seng Sok Kim is the Sihanoukville Coordinator of LICADHO. They were charged by the Sihanoukville Court for robbery and inciting people to riot. The Asian Human Rights […]

An Appeal to Commute Death Sentence of Leo Echegaray

Dear Friends, We are releasing an appeal send to the President of Philippines to Commute the Death Sentences of Mr Leo Echegaray. 24 December 1998 Mr. Joseph Estrada President of the Philippines Malacanang Palace, Manila, Philippines. Fax: +(63 2) 832 3793 Your Excellency, Re: An appeal to Commute Death Sentence of Leo Echegaray The Asian […]

Philippines: An Appeal to Commute Death Sentence of Leo Echegaray

Leo Echegaray is the first person to be sentenced to death in the Philippines in two decades. Leo Echegaray may face execution by lethal injection on 4 January 1999. Only a Presidential Review will stay the execution at this stage. Leo Echegaray was sentenced to death for raping the child of his mistress. This appeal […]

Bangladesh: Nirendranath Adhikari Released After 7 Years in Jail Without Trial

Introduction Nirandra Nath Odhikari, 25, had been put in jail for seven years without being tried by court in Bangladesh after he was arrested allegedly for murdering his grandmother. 15 January 1998 Asian Human Rights Commission, upon receiving the information from local groups,released an Urgent Appeal[AHRC UA980115] and brought his case to the attention of […]

Burma: Fear for the Safety of 7 Monks

There are serious concern for the safety of seven monks who were involved in the 23 November 1998, demonstration in Mandalay, Burma. The SPDC government is searching for the seven monks namely: 1. Ashin Wilartha Mya Taung Monastery Mandalay 2. Ashin Za Nin Da Khin Makan Monastery Mandalay 3. Ashin May Gi Da Gwe Cho […]

Singapore: Petition to Ratify ICCPR and ICESR and Repeal the ISA

6 December 1998: 50th Anniversary Commemoration of Human Rights Day 80 people including former political detainees and many children, gathered at the Excelsior Hotel to mark the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The gathering was a historical event as it was the first time that Singapore’s longest serving political detainee, Chia […]

Malaysia: Defense Lawyer Sentenced to 3 Months in Jail

Zainur Zakaria, a lawyer defending former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia Anwar Ibrahim against criminal charges, was sentenced to three months jail for contempt of court on November 30, 1998. Zainur Zakaria was sentenced after refusing to apologize for submitting an affidavit alleging that prosecutors tried to fabricate evidence against Mr. Anwar. Mr Raja Aziz […]

Letter from Tian Chua

Dear friends, Got into PJ (Petaling Jaya) lock-up about 4:30 pm. Met Nusrat briefly at the police office, then the SBs quickly took me into the lock-up. The conditions – cleanliness wise – here are much better, at least the groud is lined with plankwood, instead of cement as in Dang Wangi. As soon as […]

India: Signature Campaign for Dalits’ Human Rights

260 million Dalits are determined to cast out caste in the new millenium. The Dalits Human Rights Charter is produced by Dalit groups in India. They have lauched a signature campaign in India – the collected signatures with Dalits Human Rights Charter will be presented to the Indian government on 1oth December 1998, International Human […]

Malaysia: Re-Hearing of Remand Applications

The ASIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION urge you to continue your support for justice and human rights in Malaysia. Further updates on AHRC Urgent Appeal on Malaysia. People are defying the police as the government declared illegal any pro-Anwar Ibrahim demonstrations. These week police have threathen that illegal protester could be arrested under the Internal Security […]

SOUTH KOREA: SUH Joon-sik, A Human Rights Activist Arrested Again

A veteran human rights activist and former prisoner of conscience SUH Joon-sik, director of Saranobang Group for Human Ricihts in Korea was arrested by the police at Sarangbang offtce at 500 P,m. on 4 November 1997. He was detained for organizing the human rights film festival, for \”benefiting\” North Korea and for failing to report […]