Urgent Appeal Case

INDIA: Christians missionary schools attacked

 AHRC has been informed by reliable sources that between 6-11 April 2000, three Christians missionary school have been attacked by armed groups in Mathura district, Uttar Pradesh, India. The schools attacked were the Sacred Heart School, St Dominic Convent School and St. Teresa School.  Its alleged that the attacks were well planned and orchestrated by […]

MALAYSIA: Roslan Kassim and Mohd Ezam and other opposition leaders arrested

UA 20/00: Freedom of expression denied MALAYSIA: Roslan Kassim and Mohd Ezam and other opposition leaders arrested The Malaysian authorities arrested this morning Roslan Kassim from Keadilan. Roslan has been remanded for seven days. Keadilan politicians, Youth chief Mohd Ezam and exco member Gopalakrishnan have been detained. Police are believed to be looking for other […]

SRI LANKA: Michael Edward tortured severely in prison

AHRC has received a testimony of severe torture from a prisoner, Mr. Michael Edward (Prison No. 2143) of Kandy, who is currently being held at Bogambara Prison and previously at Kalutara Prison. He was taken as a  terrorist suspect by Talathu-oya Police on 21st May 1998. He was kept in police custody until he was […]

UPDATE (SRI LANKA): Sri Lankan Gang Leader Arrested

The leader of the Gang of 14 is a person called Piyal (who is 28 years old) according to the Wennapuwa Police.  MARCH 23: There has been a development regarding the Urgent Appeal we sent out on March 3, in which a Gang of 14 was operating with impunity in the Sirigampola area, Sri Lanka. […]

INDONESIA/UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Kartini sentenced to death by stoning

We have received news of Kartini (full name Karteen Karikander), the Indonesian domestic worker who was sentenced to death by stoning for adultery in the United Arab Emirates. Our reliable contact visited Kartini in the United Arab Emirates, as well as her lawyer (she now has one), the attorney and the judge.  Kartini’s sentence is […]

SRI LANKA: Over 30,000 disappearances remain unresolved

The United Nations Human Rights Commission is currently having its annual meeting in Geneva. AHRC believes that this is an opportune time to insist that the UN establish an International Tribunal to investigate and bring to trial the perpetrators of the forced disappearances in Sri Lanka.   Even by official Sri Lankan government figures, over […]

EAST TIMOR: Indonesian pre-1999 war criminals not being brought to justice

MARCH 15: The UN is currently investigating crimes against humanity that have occurred in East Timor. Recent inquiries in East Timor have revealed that the UN does not intend to prosecute anyone other than those involved in violence in  1999. This is grossly inadequate, considering the Indonesian military invaded the territory in 1975 and instigated […]

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Indonesian national sentenced to death by stoning

MARCH 8: We have received some very disturbing information from the Indonesian Women’s Solidarity for Human Rights organisation (Perserikatan Solidaritas Perempuan) regarding an Indonesian domestic worker named Kartini, who has been sentenced to death by stoning in the United Arab Emirates, where she had been working legally in the city of Fujairah.  In 1999, Kartini […]

EAST TIMOR: Village of Lolotoi fails to receive food or medical assistance

MARCH 5: Paul Harris, a prominent lawyer based in Hong Kong, recently visited East Timor for the purposes of fact-finding, to see how he could be of assistance to the recovery of East Timor and to deliver some donations for local schools.   While visiting the Bobonaro region, Mr. Harris met a priest, Fr. Pietr, […]

PAKISTAN: Bulldozers set to move in on katchi abadi

The Asian Human Rights Commission has received this appeal from the:  Urban Resource Centre  3/48 Mualomabad Khalid Bin Walid Road  Karachi 74800 Pakistan.  We are forwarding it below for appropriate action.  Voice against evictions in Islamabad  Dear friends,  Our friend Aasim Akhtar from federal capital Islamabad informed us that the authorities are planning a massive […]

PAKISTAN: Bulldozers set to move in on katchi abadi

Dear friends,  Our friend Aasim Akhtar from federal capital Islamabad informed us that the authorities are planning a massive bulldozing operation in Islamabad.  I am forwarding this message with a sample appeal. I will appreciate if you will send appeal to the authorities in Islamabad to stop these evictions.  WIth regards  Younus  Dear Younus,  As […]

ACEH: 5 Students leaders and their driver arrested and

8 MARCH 2000: Five student activists and their driver were arrested in East Aceh as they were returning from a meeting in Lhokseumawe. Their precise whereabouts is currently unknown, but they are probably being held by the security forces in Idi Cut.  AHRC has received reliable information from the British-based Indonesia Human Rights Campaign on […]

THAILAND: Max Ediger released on bail but 6 Burmese minorities remain in detention.

THAILAND: Max Ediger released on bail but 6 Burmese minorities remain in detention.  11 February 2000 Mr. Norman Max Ediger, an American missionary and peace and human rights activist, was bailed out. At the time of the arrest, he was conducting training on promoting non-violence to several ethnic minorities from Burma.  Thai police arrested 8 […]

SRI LANKA: Gang of 14 operate with impunity

This report is from a weekly newspaper in Sri Lanka Irida Peramuna (Sunday Leader) dated 20 February 2000. Sirigampola is a village close to Wennappuwa which is situated quite close to Negombo, (along the coast north of Colombo) just a few miles away from the Colombo International Airport. At Sirigampola area there had been a […]


MARCH 16: We have just received information that the six Burmese who were being detained in association with the incident involving Max Ediger have been s free! They have been ‘deported’ to the Burmese side of the Thai border.  At this stage it is still uncertain whether or not Max Ediger will be charged. There […]

THAILAND: OPEN LETTER TO H.E. Prime Minister Chuan Leekpai Investigation on the seizure of Ratchaburi Central Hospital

Dear Friends,  Attached with this message is the press rlease on the hostage taking by armed Karen group called \”Gods Army\”. There are allegations that some of the armed men were killed after they surrender or having been disarmed.  RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please read the press release and draft your own letters to Prime Minister Chuan […]

INDIA: Social Reformist Asghar Ali Engineer attacked

Social Reformermist Dr.Asghar Ali Engineer was attacked by a fundamentalist group headed by Syedna Mohammed Burdanuddin, head of the Bohra community, at the Santacruz airport yesterday. Ali Engineer who was hit in the head  and the face, has been admitted to hospital, where he is recovering now.  His residence and office at Santa cruz have […]

SOUTH KOREA: Exposed South Korean Soldiers Massacred Vietnamese during Vietnam War

Last year, the Associated Press reports exposed that U.S soldiers massacred Korean civilians during the Korean War and the most documented of these killing happen in Nogunri. It is well known that Korean soldiers participated in Vietnam war from 1963 to 1973. Recently, a Korean newspaper exposed that Korean soldiers had massacred innocent vietnamese civilians. […]

SRI LANKA FURTHER ACTION: Judicial Officer’s Constitutional Rights Violated

The Case of former Judge M.P. Wijesiriwardene  We are bring you the following up date on this case which we brought to your notice last year. (For your easy reference we attach the original appeal below). For complete file please see our web-site, under following reference: UA 20/99 Index: 42699 and the 1999 update on […]

INDONESIA/ACEH: Human rights activist, Sukardi, 30, killed

31 January 2000, Sukardi, 30, of Yayasan Rumpun Bambu Indonesia (YRBI), was abducted, tortured and killed in Tapak Tuan, South Aceh. Sukardi was a volunteer with local environmentalist group YRBI [Bamboo Thicket Institute].  The security forces are alleged to be involved in the killing of Sukardi.  Human rights activists in Aceh are often kidnapped, tortured, […]