Philippines: An Appeal to Commute Death Sentence of Leo Echegaray


Urgent Appeal Case: UA981223
ISSUES: Death penalty,

Leo Echegaray is the first person to be sentenced to death in the Philippines in two decades. Leo Echegaray may face execution by lethal injection on 4 January 1999. Only a Presidential Review will stay the execution at this stage. Leo Echegaray was sentenced to death for raping the child of his mistress. This appeal is for commutation of the death sentence to life imprisonment.

The appeal is not based on any under-estimation of the crime he committed. It is based on the highest principle of recognition of death penalty as an inhuman punishment.

Besides, there are, in the Philippines hundreds of persons, mainly soldiers who have committed rape on fellow Filipinas during the \"marshall law\" under the Marcos’ regime, but they have not even been prosecuted. Thus, there is hypocrisy in the claim that it is pure righteousness supporting the death sentence demanded.

RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please letters urging the President Estrada to commute the death sentence to life imprisonment. Request for an Presidential Review of the case.


PRESIDENT JOSEPH ESTRADA Malacanang Palace, Manila, Philippines. Fax: (+ 63 2) 832 3793

We make this appeal to commute the death sentence of Mr Leo Echegaray to life imprisonment as a humane gesture. As we celebrate Jesus’s birth, this gesture will recall that Jesus gave his life to forgive sinners. We sincerely request for a Presidential Review.

We wish you a happy Christmas.

Send COPIES TO: Diplomatic representatives of the Philippines accredited to your country.

Document Type : Urgent Appeal Case
Document ID : UA981223
Countries : Philippines,
Issues : Death penalty,