UPDATE (SRI LANKA): Sri Lankan Gang Leader Arrested


Urgent Appeal Case: UA0800
ISSUES: Judicial system, Rule of law,

The leader of the Gang of 14 is a person called Piyal (who is 28 years old) according to the Wennapuwa Police. 

MARCH 23: There has been a development regarding the Urgent Appeal we sent out on March 3, in which a Gang of 14 was operating with impunity in the Sirigampola area, Sri Lanka. You will remember they terrorized, robbed, raped and degraded a family on 13 February 2000, and we appealed for letters to be written to the President, Police and Judiciary, calling for the gang and their leader to be brought to justice. 

We have been informed that the gang leader, Piyal, has now been arrested. We don’t have any further information, but we thank you for the letters you wrote to achieve this outcome. 

No further action is requested. 

Document Type : Urgent Appeal Case
Document ID : UA0800
Countries : Sri Lanka,
Issues : Judicial system, Rule of law,