SAUDI ARABIA/SRI LANKA: Stop the Execution of Rizana Nafeek in Saudi Arabia 

Sri Lankan immigrant maid sentenced to be beheaded in Saudi Arabia. A baby in her care choked to death & Rizana was accused of murder. Rizana was 17 at the time, couldn’t speak the language & had an unfair trial…

Save Rizana campaignThe Asian Human Rights Commission is forwarding the attached online petition regarding the possibly imminent execution of Rizana Nafeek.

The petition is organised by and may be found at:

Rizana has been languishing in jail for several years now, her future uncertain at best. We ask everyone concerned with the fate of this unfortunate Sri Lankan girl to sign the petition. Further information may be found in the Rizana Nafeek dossier.

To support this case, please click here: SEND APPEAL LETTER


Document Type : Press Release
Document ID : AHRC-PRL-041-2012
Countries : Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka,
Campaigns : Save Rizana Nafeek
Issues : Child rights, Death penalty, Right to fair trial,