BANGLADESH: AHRC welcomes Health Minister’s visit to human rights defender FMA Razzak at hospital

(Hong Kong, May 4, 2011) The Asian Human Rights Commission welcomes the visit of the Minister for Health and Family Welfare of Bangladesh, Prof. AFM Ruhul Haque MP, to human rights defender Mr. FMA Razzak. Razzak has been receiving treatment for his gouged eyes and broken hand and leg that was caused as a result of a deadly attack by the family of an army major on 29 April 2011. 

Photo caption: Dr. AFM Ruhul Haque, Bangladesh’s Minister for Health and Family Welfare (third from left) is seen observing the X-Ray report of human rights defender FMA Razzak.

The Minister, Prof. AFM Ruhul Haque MP, went to the hospital at around 8pm in the evening to visit human rights defender FMA Razzak at the private clinic where Mr. Razzak has been receiving treatment. 

Prof. Rubul Haque, who is also a medical doctor and a renowned orthopaedic surgeon, checked the radiological test reports of the fractures in Mr. Razzak’s leg and hand and gave his opinion regarding the necessary treatment process to the doctors of the hospital. 

The AHRC has also learned that the Minister suggested Razzak to try to wriggle and move the toes of his fractured leg from time to time with the help of the attendants and by the victim himself for speedy and proper recovery of his leg. 

However, the fate of the Razzak’s eyesight still remains uncertain as doctors find the present condition inappropriate for treatment at this stage. 

The AHRC is highly concerned over the absence of a genuine investigation of the attempted murder and the gouging of the eyes of the human rights defender and his brother despite the fact that four days have already passed. The key perpetrators have not yet been arrested by the police while the authorities have not taken any action against the army major who masterminded the whole attack.

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