WORLD: AHRC launches campaign site for the protection of human rights defender FMA Razzak

(Hong Kong, May 3, 2011) The Asian Human Rights Commission has launched a new campaign website calling for the protection of human rights defender Mr. FMA Razzak, as well as calling for holding genuine criminal investigations regarding the attack on Mr. Razzak. 

This newly launched campaign site will contain all materials regarding the brutal attack on Mr. Razzak and subsequent actions taken by the authorities, as well as news published by the national and international media in this regard. 

The AHRC requests all professionals, human rights activists and concerned persons to post their messages and information about any initiatives taken in this regard. The campaign site is available at:

The AHRC calls on the human rights community and all concerned persons to participate in this campaign and also to send solidarity messages, which will be exhibited on this website. 

Today, in a separate statement the AHRC has already urged all human rights organisations of the world to intervene in this matter, insisting that the authorities of Bangladesh ensure the protection of FMA Razzak and his family. The AHRC has also demanded that there be an immediate investigation of the incident by competent judicial bodies. 

For further details, please see our latest statement AHRC-STM-058-2011 and recent Urgent Appeal Updates AHRC-UAU-023-2011AHRC-UAU-016-2011AHRC-UAU-013-2011