SRI LANKA: Appeal to help build a house for family of disappeared

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) wishes to forward an appeal from Marisa De Silva

Madushka Silva, husband of Mauri Inoka Jayasinghe, was “white vanned” (abducted) in Anuradhapura town with two others on 2nd Sept. 2013. Two were released next day, but there is no news about Madushka. Mauri was pregnant when her husband was abducted, and gave birth to twin children 2 months after the abduction. The children (boy and girl) are 8 years old now. She has been battling to find what happened to Madhuska, being on the streets and going from pillar to post with her children who never saw their father. She also faced threats and intimidations and was herself abducted, threatened and released.

While searching for the husband, she also had to wage a different battle to look after her young children alone. She had to keep her job, look for houses, feed her children, send them to school etc. Various well-wishers had provided financial and material assistance to her and children on and off. She is a government employee at the Ministry of Health and for the last few years, has been working in Colombo. She has been compelled to spend a significant amount of her small income on rent for a tiny house.

Mauri has received land from her relatives in Mawanella (Kegalle district) and has started to build a small house. She plans to enroll the children in a nearby school and is confident of getting a transfer to the area. Unlike in Colombo, she feels it will be easier to bring up her children there, as there will be support from relatives who will be neighbors. She will save a significant amount of money she spends every month for rent and she and her children will be able to live in a more healthy environment.

The estimated cost for a basic house is Rs. 899,650 (budget attached) which Mauri cannot afford and is seeking help. Contributions can be made to the below bank account, that has been opened particularly for this purpose. Detailed accounting and receipts will be provided to all who contribute, along with progress made, and updates.

Account No: 8012601413
Account Name: W L D C de Alwis Gunathilaka/ S V Hemachandra
Branch: Commercial Bank Nugegoda
Swift Code : CCEYLKLX
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