SRI LANKA: Lanka-E-News staff, their lawyers and supporters threatened 

The Asian Human Rights Commission has reported on the many threats to internet publications made recently. The latest was the arrest of the Lanka-E-News editor, Bennett Rupasinghe. Rupasinghe’s arrest brought numerous protests from local media organisations, locally and internationally and also human rights organisations. Despite of a police request to detain him further, the Magistrate of Kaduwela released Rupasinghe on bail. Following this, lawyers acting for Lanka-E-News and several human rights organisations have received threatening notices and letters. We reproduce below translations of such letters and a copy of a notice.

(Translated from Sinhala)

Threats and intimidations to e-News and those supporting them since release on bail of News Editor on 7th April 2011

1. Advice to e-news lawyer Manjula Patthiraja from a friendly police officer that it would not be good for him if he continues to appear for e-News on Friday, 8th April 2011
2. Threatening phone call to lawyer Shiral Lakthilaka (also UNP Provincial Councilor, lawyer who appeared for e-News and who provided office space for e-News after the arson attack) on night of 7th April 2011, the day the e-News news editor was released on bail
3. Threatening notice pasted on the gate of present premises of e-News office (Shiral Lakthilaka’s office, at 1192/20, Welikadawatte Road, Rajagiriya) This is suspected to have been pasted on night of 7th April 2011, the day the detained news editor of e-News was released in bail. It was discovered on morning of 8th April. English translation and the actual notice in Sinhalese is below

Let us carry forward the sacred struggle

Based on needs of foreign forces and NGO Tiger agents, Lanka e-News Sinhalese Tigers is provoking anger and hatred amongst patriots by betraying the great victory of the motherland that was achieved at the cost of tens of thousands of lives of patriots.

We have the sacred responsibility of destroying lawyers and NGOs who continue to represent, help, encourage and protect these traitors.

We are ready to destroy these Sinhalese Tigers wherever they happen to be in the nation.

Let us carry forward the sacred struggle


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