SRI LANKA: The law student subjected to harassment due to complaining about irregularities at the Law School exam sent an oral request to the Chief Justice through email

(Hong Kong, April 11, 2011) The Asian Human Rights Commission has previously reported the complaint of Dasanayaka Mudiyansalage Thushara Jayarathna, who complained about the irregularities at the Law School exam and the subsequent harassments he has suffered due to this complaint. 

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He now complains that some persons came to his house and obtained his signature to some documents written in English by force. He does not know the content of these documents. He fears that these documents may be related to the complaint that he has made and that these documents may be used against him in future inquiries and in court. 

Living in hiding at the moment and being unable to do much for his own protection he has sent a tape recorded request to the Chief Justice of Sri Lanka about this incident requesting protection and the intervention of the Chief Justice to recover these documents. He fears, on the basis of previous experience by others that the documents he was forced to sign may be for the purpose of stating that he, on his own, is withdrawing his previous complaints about the incidents at the Law School. He states that if that be the case he has at not stage signed any document to state his intention to withdraw his complaints. While making apologies for seeking the intervention of the Chief Justice in this manner he states that he had no other way of doing so due to security reasons and due to his isolation. 

We attach below the audio file of the law student’s statement:

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