SRI LANKA: Victim of brutal police torture tells his story in a video

(Hong Kong, April 12, 2011) Mr. Alahendra Acharige Dinesh Priyankara, a driver of a three-wheeler, was illegally arrested and severely tortured by police officers attached to the Panadura North Police Station on 23 January 2011. 

He was questioned about a theft, which happened in a newly constructed luxury house belonging to a former Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of police. He revealed all the facts he knew and pleaded innocent following which he was brutally tortured by the Officer-in Charge and the officers of the police station. 

A fabricated charge was filed against him and he was produced before the Magistrate of Panadura who immediately enlarged him on bail. 

The victim’s mother complained to the Human Rights Commission (HRC) on the violation of her son’s fundamental rights and Priyankara was further tortured in revenge. He is now released on bail. 

He tells his story in a video here

The Asian Human Rights Commission urge you to intervene in the case of A.A. Dinesh Priyankara and call on the relevant authorities requesting an immediate investigation into the allegations of illegal arrest, illegal detention, torturing and filing fabricated charges by the police perpetrators. 

To fill out an Urgent Appeal and for more information on the case, please go to: AHRC-UAC-054-2011

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Document ID : AHRC-PRL-011-2011
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