AHRC TV: JUST ASIA, Episode 102

Yesterday, December 10 was Human Rights Day. This is the day in 1948 when the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. To mark this day, JUST ASIA brings you a review of the state of human rights in specific Asian countries, with several interviews with relevant experts.

In Nepal, adoption of a new Constitution has ended the stalemate. It has ushered hope for many, despair for some. Violent confrontations between Madeshi and Tharu protestors and the Police have ensured. The State has used excessive force, while protestors have resorted to lynching and vandalism. The clashes and resultant embargo have affected the whole nation.

Indonesia continues to struggle with the vestige of dictatorship. Despite 17 years having passed since the end of Soeharto’s regime, human rights violations persist, with perpetrators enjoying immunity. Similarly, and to an even greater extent, Pakistan is suffering from the shadow of Military dictatorship. Democratically elected leaders have bowed to the security establishment since the Army pubic school massacre. Retrogressive policies, laws, and amendments to the Constitution have worsened human rights and the right to life.

Bangladesh is contending with dysfunctional institutions amidst political chaos. And, in the Philippines, the Lumads in Mindanao have been especially targeted by the Military this year. JUST ASIA brings you unique perspectives on these stories with a series of interviews.

Finally, the episode ends with a message from Bijo Francis, Executive Director at the Asian Human Rights Commission.

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