WORLD: Run for your life

What if you woke up one morning and realized you were living under institutions that looked more like mental institutions than institutions of justice?

And, rather than trying to bring sanity, the institutions were being run by mad men?

Would you run? Or would you stay?

What if we somehow took your Stockholm Syndrome away?

RULE O’FLAW is proud to announce the release of our third video, ‘Run for your Life’.

This week’s video confronts what is ludicrous about law and its enforcement in a majority of Asian jurisdictions. Laws passed by Parliament or via Executive Ordinance can be arbitrary, vilifying communities, and giving horrifying powers to unaccountable law enforcement.

The police, in order to show their superiors that they have been hard at work, can then go ahead and nab anyone unfortunate enough to fall into their clutches.

And, these unfortunate ones can spend decades trying to shake off the most cartoonish fabricated charges, with the entire machinery of prosecutions, courts, and prisons legitimizing this with their own tragicomedies.

This month has witnessed the launch of the Asian Human Rights Commission’s new satire program, RULE O’FLAW, with the release of two videos: ‘Case Cracked’ and ‘Bail Out’.

Run for your Life’ becomes the latest video with which RULE O’FLAW hopes to communicate the tragicomedy of life amidst dysfunctional justice institutions.

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