ASIA: Weekly Roundup, Episode 38

In the 38th episode of Human Rights Asia Weekly Roundup, AHRC TV opens the programme with a gruesome crime against a child in Pakistan, and the ensuing failure of both law enforcement and hospital care. A 10-year-old boy lost both arms as he was flung into a harvesting machine by a landowner who had a minor dispute with the boy’s father.

As the boy’s family was poor and the landowner influential, the police failed to file a case against the perpetrator for three days until a TV station picked up the story. Likewise, not a single doctor bothered to examine the seriously injured child until public pressure embarrassed the public hospital into action.

Equally inept law enforcement is revealed in the second story from Nepal. The parents of a murder victim are at risk after hunger striking for 280 days, demanding a proper investigation into their son’s murder. The culprits have been identified, but no action has been taken to apprehend the suspects and try them for murder.

Lastly, AHRC TV looks into the curious case of the Kerala Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) hostel, which has been sheltering wanted criminals. Former MLA Sharath Chandra Prasad was found to have reserved the room for a suspect in a human trafficking case. The police had been trying to apprehend the suspect. By tracking the mobile communications of the suspect, the police were able to zero in on his privileged hideout. An investigation has revealed that this is not the first time the MLA hostel has shielded wanted criminals.

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