ASIA: NEGLECT & LOSS (Number 03)

The link to the newsletter is as follows

Neglect and loss is a newsletter containing reports and commentaries on current problems in several Asian countries. Today, we are issuing the third newsletter in this series. The purpose of the newsletter is to highlight many forms of unnecessary human suffering imposed on ordinary people in these countries due to the neglect of authorities to carry out their basic duties and functions to ensure protection for the people.

The current issue contains the following:

SOUTH KOREA: HOW to HONOUR the heroes of the Gwangju uprising in 1980?

ASIA: Impunity, Poverty, and Covid 19
BANGLADESH: Collapsed Institutions and Impunity Lead to Poverty
INDIA: Collapse of governance: Impunity and current political crisis
Indonesia: Covid 19 pandemic and uncertain government policy
NEPAL: Covid-19 and governance, the collapse of a conscience
Human rights – whose duty is it to protect and promote human rights?
ASIA: Human dignity and livelihoods
Myanmar Situation Update (10 to 16 May 2021)
The Silenced Poet

The readers are welcome to send their comments and responses at Those who wish to contribute are also welcome to send in articles to the editorial board for consideration.

The link to the newsletter is as follows.

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