UPDATE (SRI LANKA): Kandana Police OIC uses thugs to intimidate the victim’s family; thugs threaten to assassinate victim’s grandfather


Urgent Appeal Case: UP-37-2002
ISSUES: Torture,

Dear Friends 

Following is an URGENT update on the case of Mr. Lalith Rajapakse, a torture victim in Sri Lanka. Following letter has been sent by the AHRC to the National Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka to seek their urgent intervention. We are requesting you to act urgently by sending letters to relevant authorities who could provide due protection to the victim and victim’s grandfather who is the complainant in this case. 

Urgent Appeals Desk 
Asian Human Rights Commission 

09June 2002 

National Human Rights Commission 
Sri Lanka 


This Is Further To AHRC’s Report Made On 8th June 2002 On The Same Case 

Case Of Lalith Rajapakse: Torture By Kandana Police — Torture Causing Traumatic Encephalitis 

AHRC has received further information on this case; 

1. Mr. Bopearachchige Lal Appuhamy – 532/57 Wivekastana Road, Kapuwatte, Ja-ela, a dry fish trader who has been a long acquaintance of Elaris (the grandfather of Lalith Rajapakse) was visited by Madu Madurawala today, with a message from The Officer In Charge (OIC) of Kandana Police Station. 
2. The message was this (a). Ask Lal Appuhamy to put poison on the dry fish that will be purchased by Elaris, the grand father of the Lalith Rajapakse, who has refused to withdraw the complaints made on behalf of Lalith Rajapakse of torture by Kandana Police; (b). to inform of any place Elaris may be going to have liquor, so that people of such a place can be asked to put poison on Elaris’s drinks; (d) that gangs will come and destroy Elaris’s house; (d) five a contracts have being given to a person at Hunupitiya to assassinate Lal Appuhamy. 

Meanwhile, messages have been send for Lal Appuhamy to come to Kandana Police Station. As mentioned in yesterday’s complaint, Lal Appuhamy was brought to Kandana police station yesterday and was rescued by the intervention of lawyer, Vernon Cooray. 

We urge you to kindly act urgently to protect persons who are exposed to all this only due to coming forward to complaint about a human rights abuse. 

Thank you. 


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Hon. Prime Minister 

19 year old Lalith Rajapakse of Jaela was tortured by the police at the Kandana Police station on the 19th and 20th April 2002 causing traumatic encephalitis. This case has been brought to the attention of the National Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka. 

Asian Human Rights Commission has today learned that the Kandana Police OIC has sent thugs to intimidate the Elaris, the victim’s grandfather who is the complainant in this case, trough Elaris’s close acquaintances. There have been threats to assassinate Elaris. 

I am very concerned of this victim and his family whose rights have been violated by the agency who is supposed to protect their rights which is police. Further, police has gone to the extent of intimidating the family of the victim and even threatening to assassinate victim’s father. 

I urge you to use all your authorities to protect the victim and his family and through all possible interventions. 

I believe that your intervention could help bring real justice to the victims of this case thus giving a strong message to the society and the international community of the Sri Lankan Government’s commitment to uphold the principles of rule of law and its international treaty obligations. 

Thanking you. 

Yours sincerely 

CC: UN Special Rapportuer on Torture 
Sri Lankan Human Rights Commission 


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