Sri Lanka: Severe Torture at Ja-ela Police Station


Urgent Appeal Case: UA980807
ISSUES: Torture,

On 6 August 1998 at 3.15 pm, a man named Weerasinghe Arrachige Janaka Chaminda was taken to Ja-ela police station. He was severely beaten up by Inspector Weerasinghe. He was beaten several times during the day and night.

A person who went to see him one Milroy was also pulled inside the police station and beaten up by a Police Constable Wicrema. The screaming of both persons in pain were heard by several persons.

No one has been allowed to see the victims. The mother of Chaminda tried to visit him but she was not allowed. She believes the beating is severe and that they will continue to be beaten. It is also possible that the if the police are afraid to produce the person before the magistrate they may do something worse. Sri Lankan police have a very bad history of causing disapperances.

The reason for arrest is yet unknown. However, it is believe that the police are acting under the influence of some one.

The Complainant is the mother of Chaminda, Dissanayake Mudiyansellage Ramanike of 11/5Galwatte, Ekala. AHRC has independently check the facts and confirms the facts are correct.

RECOMMENDED ACTION: This Urgent action may help to save the life of Chamonda and to highlight concern over torture. Please send immediately faxes and letters expressing your strong views against the use of torture and call for an investigation.

Send Appeals to: Her Excellency President Chandrika B. Kumaratunga Presidential Residence Colombo 3, Sri Lanka Fax: 94 – 1 – 333 – 703

G. P. S de Silva Honourable Chief Justice of Sri Lanka Office of the Chief Justice The Supreme Court Complex Colombo, Sri Lanka Fax: 94-1- 437-534 94-1- 437-530

Police Inspector Gerneral Police Headquarters New Secretariat Colombo 1, Sri lanka

Diplomatic representatives of Sri Lanka accredited to your country

Document Type : Urgent Appeal Case
Document ID : UA980807
Countries : Sri Lanka,
Issues : Torture,