PAKISTAN: Two men abducted and their whereabouts still unknown;Police allegedly tortured and threatened family members to withdraw case of abduction


Urgent Appeal Case: UA-239-2007
ISSUES: Arbitrary arrest & detention, Enforced disappearances and abductions, Legislation, Torture, Victims assistance & protection,

Dear friends,

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information regarding the abduction of two men by two unidentified persons on 27 July 2007. Police subsequently arrested and tortured a family member to force the family to withdraw their complaint. They even attacked family member’s house. With the lack of investigation into the abduction, the whereabouts of two men remain still unknown.

CASE DETAILS: (based on the testimony from victim’s family)

According to the information received, on 27 July 2007, Mr. Imran Khan and Mr. Irfan Khan were driving a car in the company of Mr. Iftikhar Ahmed Changaizi to the Session Court in Jhanda Cheechi. They were on their way to get the bail before arrest in a case under the section of Pakistan Penal Code 324/34 which was filed by Mr. Sadaqat alliace Kala Khan and Mr. Choudhry Rasib Khan who are known as drug peddlers.

As they approached the court, a silver coloured Toyota Corolla car bearing number plate 9862 intercepted their car and stopped it at gun point. Two unidentified men came out of the car with TT pistols, put the pistols to the heads of Mr. Imran and Mr. Irfan and forced them into their car. They put black bands over their eyes before driving them away. A police car then appeared on the scene and followed the abductors’ car.

Mr. Iftikhar Ahmed Changaizi, the victims’ uncle immediately filed a report in Civil Lines police station regarding the kidnapping of his nephews. He alleged on the police report that the Waris Khan Police might have been involved in his nephews’ abduction to bargain a court case number 257/2007 which was transferred from the section of Pakistan Penal Code number 324/34.

On July 28 Mr. Changaizi was arrested by the Waris Khan Police and held for several hours at the police station where he was tortured in an attempt to force him to withdraw the report that he filed the day before. However, he refused to do so. On next day, July 29, Mr. Malik Irshad, Station House Officer (SHO) and Mr. Mir Sultan, Sub Inspector (SI) along with some policemen from the said police station in the company of the two drug peddlers attacked the victim’s house located at 323 – sector 1 – Airport Housing Society Rawalpindi. They threatened the victim’s family to withdraw the case otherwise they would face great trouble and possible harm. They further said that they should not expect any help from the police in this case. When they ransacked the house they also took away some cash and jewelry.


Mr. Sadaqat alias Kala Khan and Mr. Choudhry Rasib Khan are known as drug peddlers were living in the vicinity of the victims’ former residence and it is alleged that they have been working under the protection of the Waris Khan police station.

Before this abduction, it is reported that two drug peddlers urged the victims to book three plots in the Dubai city project without cost in their names and that of the SHO of Waris Khan police station. However the victims refused to comply. The drug peddlers had mentioned on several previous occasions that the SHO of the police station has good links with government officials and with a Minister so if they did not assist them they might face serious consequences.

On 9 May 2007, the peddlers came to the victims’ house and started beating the security guards namely, Mr. Mamraiz Khan and Mr. Zulfiqar Ali. While they were fighting, the security guards fired a gun and the peddlers ran away. However, a case 324/34 under the section of Pakistan Penal Code was filed at the Waris Khan police station, not against those security guards but against two abducted brothers. After filing the case, two peddlers made death threats against the victims’ family.

Due to continuous harassment, the victims’ family moved from their actual resident to another shelter at the Airport Housing Society but after some days the peddlers found the new place of residence and started threatening them again.

At around 2am on July 30, three men wearing masks came in a car and tried to enter the victims’ house but they failed due to the intervention by a security guard named Mr. Hanees Khan. They intimidated the security guard saying that they would take revenge against him and left. There was another attempt to enter the victims’ house at around 3:15am on August 1 but they failed again due to the family member’s noise. The continuous threats and attempted break ins have left the family in fear of their lives.

Please write a letter to the authorities demanding them to recover immediately the kidnapped brothers from the abductors and take the action against SHO of Waris Khan police station and other police officials who are misusing their power and tortured family members to withdraw the file. Please also demand them to investigate the drug peddlers.

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Dear __________,

PAKISTAN: Two men abducted and their whereabouts still unknown; Police allegedly tortured and threatened family members to withdraw case of abduction

Name of the disappeared:
1. Mr. Imran Khan s/o Ameer Khan, 28-year old 
2. Mr. Irfan Khan s/o Ameer Khan, 25-year old 
(Both are planners and making low case housing scheme, resident of house number NE 440/D Bilal Colony, Arya Mohalla, Rawalpindi- punjab province)
Name of victim who was arrested and tortured:
Mr. Iftikhar Ahmed Changaizi, 71-year-old, Resident of 9C/42 Rajpoot colony Jahangir Raod, 
Rawalpindi, Punjab province 
Alleged perpetrators:
1. Mr. Malik Irshad, Station Head officer (SHO), Waris Khan police station, Rawalpindi
2. Mr. Sultan, Sun inspector, Waris Khan police station, Rawalpindi
3. Mr. Sadaqat alliace Kala Khan, Resident of Mohallah Dhok Illahi Bux, Rawalpindi- Punjab (known as ‘drug peddler’)
4. Mr. Choudhri Rasib, Resident of Dhok Khabba, Mohallah Arya, Rawalpindi- punjab (known as ‘drug peddler’)
Date and place of abduction: 27 July 2007; Jhanda Cheechi corner in vicinity of Session Court
Date and place of torture: 28 July 2007; Waris Khan police station, Rawalpindi, Punjab province

I am writing to voice my deep concern regarding the abduction of two men, namely Imran Khan and Imran Khan, on 27 July 2007 in Jhanda Cheechi. They were together with their uncle, Iftikhar Ahmed Changaizi, riding in their car on their way to the Session Court when armed men blocked their path, forcibly took two men, blindfolded them and took them onboard the abductors’ car on their way to escape. It is reported that a police car was seen tailing the getaway vehicle immediately after the abduction.

I have learned that the day after the incident, July 28, the victims’ uncle, Changaizi, who witnessed the abduction was arrested by the Waris Khan Police. It is reported that the police arrested him allegedly in connection with his knowledge about the abduction and disappearance of his nephews. While in police custody, they forced him to withdraw the police report he filed regarding the incident. They also threatened to harm his family if he refused to do so.

I am aware that the purpose why the two victims are supposed to come to court the day they were abducted was purposely to secure a bail over false charges for alleged violation under the Section 324/34 of Pakistan’s Penal Code. I have learned that the filing of false charges could have been prompted by the victims’ refusal to agree to the alleged drug peddlers’ demands. They are demanding the victims to book three plots under their name and a police officer at the said police station at the Dubai City project with out cost. I have learned that the peddlers are alleged to have connections with the Waris Khan police station.

I therefore urge you to conduct a credible investigation into the abduction of two men. I am extremely concerned by the actions taken by the Waris Khan police station of allegedly arresting, torturing and detaining the witness. I completely reject the police’ illegal and arbitrary action against the witness to forced him to withdraw the report he filed. I urge you to ensure that the policemen involved are investigated and charged accordingly. I am also concerned about the police allegedly complicity with two drug peddlers who are alleged to have been working in their patronage and had connections with police.

Furthermore, authorities must exhaust all means to locate the whereabouts of the two victims and to conduct a credible investigation as to who are responsible for their forcible abduction and subsequent disappearance. The allegations by the witness over the police possible involvement in the abduction should also be investigated. The police station involved must also be investigated and answers allegations of the alleged complicity into the extortion and illegal acts of the drug peddlers.

I am aware of the continuous threats made against the victims’ family. I therefore urge you to ensure that appropriate protection and security is afforded to the witness and his family without further delay. This is extremely essential to ensure that no harm is taken against them while making complaints regarding the abduction of their loved ones. It is also important in order to effectively prosecute the perpetrators in court.

Yours sincerely,



1. General Pervez Musharraf
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2. Mr. Muhammad Wasi Zafar
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3 Mr. Aftab Ahmed Khan Sherpao
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6. Choudhry Pervez Ihhahi
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9. Chief Secretary of Government of Punjab
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11. Prof. Manfred Nowak
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12. Mr. Santiago Corcuera Cabezut 
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