SAUDI ARABIA/SRI LANKA: Update about “Stop the execution of Rizana Nafeek in Saudi Arabia” 

(Hong Kong, October 17, 2012) The AHRC wishes to forward this update from on the situation of Rizana Nafeek.

Subject: Update about “Stop the Execution of Rizana Nafeek in Saudi Arabia”

Dear supporters of Rizana Nafeek,

We now have over 3,500 signatures on this petition, but Rizana remains
on death row in Saudi Arabia.

The next few days could be critical.

Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa is set to participate in the first Asian Corporation Dialogue Summit in Kuwait on the 16 and 17 of October.

Rajapaksa will meet with the Emirs of Kuwait and Qatar, as well as the king of Saudi Arabia. We urge President Rajapaksa to use this opportunity to address the plight of Rizana Nafeek, as well as the broader issues facing migrants in the Gulf.

According to Migrant Rights, the President’s office has indicated an intention to broach the case of Rizana:

Now is the time to put pressure on the Sri Lankan president and the Saudi authorities again!

Thank you so much for all your support so far. If you possibly can do so, please share this petition far and wide over the next few days – Rizana’s life could depend on it.

Very kindest regards,
Founder – Safe World for Women.

Please refer to our earlier press release where you will find the link to the petition: SAUDI ARABIA/SRI LANKA: Stop the Execution of Rizana Nafeek in Saudi Arabia

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