SAUDI ARABIA/SRI LANKA: Remember Rizana Nafeek on Human Rights Day 2010

(Hong Kong, December 10, 2010) The Asian Human Rights Commission wishes to draw your attention to Rizana Nafeek, the Sri Lankan maid, who has been sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia. On the Human Rights Day, 2010 the AHRC implores you to remember her and all the other people still facing death sentences all around the world. 

Basil Fernando, Director for Policy and Programme Development, introduces the case of Rizana Nafeek and call for action.

Please watch the video. 

The Asia Human Rights Commission has been actively engaged in the appeal for Rizana, since it first came to light in 2007. The case has now reached a most important point as Rizana’s file has been forwarded to His Royal Highness, the King of Saudi Arabia. 

For the benefit of those who have assisted in the appeal and those who are interested in learning more about the case we provide below links to all the Statements, Urgent Appeals and Forwarded Articles published over the past years.

Statements by the AHRC: 
STM-242-2010, STM-238-2010, PRL-029-2010, STM-228-2010, STM-226-2010, STM-221-2010, STM-219-2010, STM-214-2010, OLT-011-2010, OLT-012-2010, STM-003-2009, STM-218-2009, STM-258-2008, STM-266-2008, UP-097-2007, PL-044-2007, OL-023-2007, PL-027-2007, PL-025-2007, PL-024-2007, PL-023-2007, AS-284-2007, AS-162-2007, AS-163-2007, AS-165-2007, AS-160-2007, UP-097-2007, UP-093-2007; PL-023-2007, 

Urgent Appeals by the AHRC: 
UAU-041-2010, UA-207-2007, UG-004-2007 

Forwarded articles: 
FPR-064-2010, FAT-063-2010, FAT-062-2010, FAT-061-2010, FAT-059-2010, FAT-058-2010 

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