SRI LANKA: An interesting YouTube discussion on torture in the country

(Hong Kong, August 17, 2012) Right to Life in collaboration with the Asian Human Rights Commission has created a video discussion between a Sri Lankan police officer and Mr. Basil Fernando of the AHRC relating to the elimination of torture in Sri Lanka. The video was produced by Sirimao Wijesinghe. The presentation may be viewed here.

The police officer, whose identity has been concealed, makes very frank statements about the belief that without torture criminal investigations cannot be conducted. This is a commonly held view. There is quite a good discussion on this issue in this video.

The police officer also explains other widely held view on torture as it is being practiced uniformly all over the world and that there is a link between power and the use of torture. On these views a human rights perspective is also quite well discussed in this documentary. 

The documentary gives a good insight into the debate relating to torture and its elimination in Sri Lanka.

Document Type : Press Release
Document ID : AHRC-PRL-032-2012
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