SAUDI ARABIA/SRI LANKA: Death sentence on Rizana Nafeek confirmed

(Hong Kong, October 26, 2010) The death sentence of Rizana Nafeek has been confirmed and her case is now before an advisor to his Royal Highness the King who has the power to pardon her. There is good reason to grant her a pardon as no real crime is involved when a 17 year-old girl with no experience has to bottle feed an infant and as a result there is an accident by way of the infant choking. At the initial stages of the case the accused young girl did not have legal representation or any assistance from her Embassy and did not even have a proper translation of what was going on. This tragedy which has been taken up as a crime should not lead to another tragedy of a young girl being beheaded for no crime at all. 

In order to assist in this campaign the AHRC has created several outlets for information; kindly see the following:

[AHRC Open Letter] SRI LANKA: Rizana Nafeek — Death Sentence confirmed

UPDATE (Saudi Arabia/Sri Lanka): Death sentence on Rizana Nafeek confirmed

To explain the matter more clearly there are two short YouTube presentations which can be seen at:


Kindly join the campaign and participate in requesting the King and the family of the deceased infant to forgive and pardon Rizana Nafeek

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