HONG KONG: Concern about the use of police excessive force and abuse 

(Hong Kong, October15, 2014) The Asian Human Rights Commission expressed shock and sadness at the use of police excessive force/abuse as shown in amateur video footage now available to the public on YouTube. It is apparent that the arrested person was taken to a place away from others for the purpose of being beaten by police officers.

Meanwhile, a concerned group has established a dedicated hotline for witnesses or victims of police excessive force and abuse during the peaceful demonstrations by students and other pro-democracy groups in Hong Kong.

The Hotline number is 9167 7091

HONG KONG: Concern about the use of police excessive force and abuse

Image courtesy: Occupy Central with Love and Peace – click here for more photographs

The use of excessive force and abuse of power on peaceful demonstrators greatly damages the image of the police as well as the civil administration in Hong Kong. Under international law, and the laws of Hong Kong, the use of such excessive force is illegal and is not permitted under any circumstances. In legal terms the proper term for such use of excessive force is ‘torture’. The use of torture is a serious crime in Hong Kong, carrying a sentence of life imprisonment against anyone who has been convicted of having committed such an offence.

The Hong Kong administrative authorities and the legal authorities should immediately conduct investigations into allegations of excessive use of force by the police or any other person acting under the instigation of, or with the consent or acquiescence of, a public official or any other persons acting in an official capacity. All those who have engaged in such acts should be arrested and brought before the law as early as possible.

Acts of using excessive force, unless immediately stopped could spread and be used on a wide scale. Therefore, it is the duty of the authorities to act as urgently as possible to bring the perpetrators of this crime before the courts and immediately initiate the prosecution of such offenders.

The Asian Human Rights Commission offers sympathies and support to the victims of such excessive force and abuse of police powers

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