WORLD: AHRC thanks those who have contributed to raise the legal fees the appeal of Rizana Nafeek

(Hong Kong, July 23, 2007)

The Asian Human Rights Commission is happy to announce that the money needed for the legal fees have now been received and wishes to thank all contributors, as well as those who took an active part in canvassing of support for this case.

The required sum of US$ 40,000 was received within a very short time from a number of concerned organisations and persons. The AHRC sees in this spontaneous reaction of concerned persons, an international understanding of the gravity of the problems involved in this case, as well as an active opposition to the continued use of the death sentence as a punishment, in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere.

The appeal on behalf of Rizana Nafeek has also received overwhelming response and the AHRC further calls upon everyone to continue with their efforts to make appeals, both to the government of Saudi Arabia and to the family of the deceased child for clemency. The references to appeals are given below.

The AHRC has also appealed to the Muslim scholars on the issues involved in this case and we are confident that there will be serious reflections on these issues. For the issues raised please see:

We take this opportunity to particularly thank the Honourable Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Saudi Arabia, Mr. A.M.J. Sadiq, for the very proactive role he has played in securing legal assistance in this case and his attempts to secure freedom for the Sri Lankan teenaged facing this problem. We have written to the Sri Lankan government on this issue and you may kindly see this Open Letter at:

The AHRC will keep the global community updated on the developments in this case.

For information on this appeal:

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