INDONESIA/ACEH: Extrajudicial killings of Aceh civilians by TNI troops 

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The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) is forwarding an urgent appeal issued by the Acheh Human Rights Online, with regard to extrajudicial killings of Aceh civilians by the Indonesian military troops (TNI).

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27 March 2005
NAMEMustafa Ahmad, 38, Rasyidin Abdulllah, 27, M. Yusuf, 25, Muslim, 31, Sulaiman Tgk Oh, 48, Abdurrahman Su’ud, 50, Asiah Hanafiah, 22,  Ziadi Syamaun, 32,  Samdika Alimuddin
VIOLATIONS: Extrajudicial killings
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H.E Mr.REZLAN ISHAR JENIE, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Republic of Indonesia to the United Nations;


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Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Republic of Indonesia to the United Nations

Your Excellency,

Since the tsunami tragedy struck, the Indonesian security forces have continued to violate its declared ceasefire. A propos I ask the Indonesian government to immediately  investigate the torture and extrajudicial executions of the following Achehnese civilians: 
Mustafa Ahmad, Asiah Hanafiah, Rasyidin Abdulllah, M. Yusuf,  Muslim,  Sulaiman Tgk Oh,  Abdurrahman Su’ud, , Ziadi Syamaun, Samdika Alimuddin, and to prosecute those responsible  to the fullest extent of the law.

On Monday, 28 February 2005, TNI troops of Siliwangi Yon 320 posted in Mon Ara village, Piyeueng, Montasik district, Acheh Rayeuk regency, conducted operation in Cot Sibatee village, the same district.  A number of civilians who are relatives of GAM troops were arrested including Mustafa Ahmad, 38, who was detained and so badly tortured in the TNI detention. In his critical condition, he was taken to a hospital in Banda Acheh where he eventually died. On Sunday, 6 March 2005, the TNI troops brought his body, which was badly mutilated by  beatings with heavy wood blocks, and his thighs were broken. 
On the same day TNI intelligence forces posted in Peureulak town, East Acheh regency conducted an offensive operation in Mbot-mbot village, Peureulak district, and shot dead civilian, Asiah Hanafiah, 22, female resident of the village. She was accused of having links with GAM members in the village. 
On Wednesday 2 March 2005 at 13:45, TNI troops of Kostrad 330 posted at Idi Rayeuk district, East Acheh regency, attacked GAM troops in Dama Pulo village, Idi Rayeuk, East Acheh. 1 GAM soldier, Iskandar Usman, 28, was killed. Then the TNI troops shot dead 3 civilians who had sought safe refuge within GAM base after they received death threat from the TNI. The 3 civilians killed are:
Rasyidin Abdulllah, 27, a farmer;
M. Yusuf, 25, a farmer; 
Muslim, 31, a farmer.
All of them were residents of Pu-uek village, Idi Rayeuk district. East Acheh regency. 

On Saturday, 5 March 2005 at 13:30, TNI troops posted in Sawang district town, conducted operations in Cot Paloh and Blang Reuleueng villages, Sawang district, and shot dead a civilian, Sulaiman Tgk Oh, 48, resident of Padang Baro sub-village, Blang Reuleueng village, Sawang district. He was accused of refusing to cooperate with the TNI to lead them to GAM base in the village. 
On Monday 7 March , at 21:00, in their operation in Meunasah Keutapang village, Darul Aman district, East Acheh regency, TNI troops of Kostrad 330, arrested and shot dead a civilian, Abdurrahman Su’ud, 50, a farmer, because he refused to inform the TNI troops the location of GAM base in the village.
On Monday, 14 March 2005 at 6:00, TNI troops of Marines posted in Cot Muda Itam village, Peureulak district, East Acheh regency, conducted an operation into Gampong Leuge village. In this operation, the TNI troops shot dead a civilian, Ziadi Syamaun, 32, a motorcycle taxi rider, resident of Tualang village, Peureulak. 
On Wednesday 16 March 2005, TNI Raiders commanded by First Lieutenant Arifan, conducted an operation in Ie Mirah village, Pasi Raja district, South Acheh regency. In this operation they shot dead a civilian, Samdika Alimuddin, resident of Krueng Batu village. 
Accordingly, I strongly call for the Indonesian government immediately to cease all military/police operations in the tsunami ravaged Acheh and with immediacy ratify a ceasefire agreement which would guarantee safety for Achehnese civilians in this time of great suffering and trauma.
Yours sincerely

Copies sent to:

Mr ABDUL HAKIM GARUDA NUSANTARA SH. LLM, Secretary General, KOMNAS (National Commission on Human Rights,INDONESIA)

HE Mr Jean Joseph BRETÉCHÉ, Head of EU Delegation; Jakarta Indonesia

Mr Mike Smith, Chair of UN Commission on Human Rights

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