FORWARDED APPEAL (Indonesia): Peaceful activists imprisoned and beaten 

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The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) wishes to forward an appeal received by the  Amnesty International group in Reading, England, regarding the sentence of two men involved in a peaceful political ceremony in 2004, who were convicted with treason in 2005. After receiving prison terms, it is reported that the men were beaten by prison guards without receiving any medical attention on February 1, 2009. Please send letters to the relevant authorities and urge them for an immediate release.

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AI Index: ASA 21/012/2009 8 July 2009

INDONESIA: Filep Karma, Yusak Pakage

Former civil servant Filep Karma and student Yusak Pakage were arrested and charged with treason in 2004, after taking part in a peaceful political ceremony at which a Papuan independence flag was raised. In 2005 Filep Karma and Yusak Pakage were convicted of treason and sentenced to 15 and 10 years in prison respectively. They have since had their sentences reduced by three months to mark Indonesia’s Independence Day in 2008.

Both men are being held in Abepura prison, where conditions are reported to be poor. In April 2008 Filep Karma was beaten up by prison guards after returning late from his prison leave. Filep Karma and Yusak Pakage are prisoners of conscience and we are calling for their immediate and unconditional release.


26th May 2009 marks the 4th anniversary of Filep and Yusak’s conviction. Please take this opportunity to call for their immediate release. On 1 February Yusak Pakage was severely beaten by prison guards. His glasses were broken and one of his eyelids was torn. He has since been moved to a prison intended for drug offenders. The incident occurred after Filep and five other prisoners had attacked prison guards to protest an assault carried out by the same guards on a newly detained student leader a few days earlier.


Please continue write to the government officials to express your strongest protest to the assault and detainment of the victims.


Dear Mr. President,

I write with increasing concern for prisoners of conscience Filep Karma and Yusak Pakage who were arrested in December 2004, convicted of treason on 26 May 2005 and sentenced to 15 and 10 years’ imprisonment respectively.

According to Amnesty International their ‘crime’ was that they had taken part in a peaceful political ceremony at which a Papuan independence flag was raised. I was shocked to read recently that, again according to Amnesty International, Yusak Pakage was severely beaten by prison guards on 1 February, tearing one of his eyelids, an injury for which he is not known to have received any medical attention. He also had his glasses broken. Along with some other prisoners he was then moved to a tiny, windowless cell which, according to Filep Karma, was smeared with faeces. On 14 February Yusak, along with the other prisoners, was moved to the Sentani prison for drug offenders, in Jayapura.

Amnesty International considers that Filep Karma and Yusak Pakage are being detained in violation of their fundamental rights to freedom of expression, opinion and association.
I urge you to ensure their unconditional release without delay.

Yours respectively,



President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono,
President RI,
Istana Merdeka,
Jakarta Pusat 10110, I
Fax: + 62 21 345 2685 / + 62 21 526 8726

Minister of Justice & Human Rights
Mr. Andi Mattalata
Minister of Justice & Human Rights
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav No. 4-5
Jakarta Selatan 12950

Attoney General
Mr Hendarman Supandji
Attorney General
Jl. Sultan Hasanuddin No.1
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12130

Thank you.
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