BURMA/MYANMAR: Students demand for a democratic education system

A Statement from the Burmese Students in Hong Kong forwarded by the Asian Human Rights Commission

We, the Burmese students in Hong Kong, stand by our fellow students in Myanmar(Burma), who are now courageously fighting against the newly enacted National Education Law, which has been designed to perpetuate the military-dictatorship-era education system.

Although we are currently studying abroad, we join our brothers and sisters inside the country in condemning, in the strongest terms possible, the said National Education Law, which has been drafted and enacted behind closed doors and without any meaningful public consultation.

We believe that meeting the 11-point demand made by the students is crucial to the emergence of a better and more democratic education system, and therefore, we express our unconditional support for the ongoing students-led protest marches across the country.

We strongly urge the government and the Hluttaw (Parliament) to bear in mind the future of our country, and thus seriously consider the 11 points students have put forward, and engage in dialogue until there is an agreement which the students and the general public can endorse.

It is the responsibility of the government, from the central government down to the local authorities, to ensure security for and protect our fellow students from those bent on disrupting their peaceful marches. Therefore, we call on the government not to interfere in the students exercising their freedom of expression and association without any interference whatsoever, and to ABSOLUTELY refrain from using any form of violence against them.

In Solidarity with the Fellow Burmese Students Fighting for a Democratic Education System in Myanmar(Burma),
Burmese Students in Hong Kong.

Document Type : Forwarded Statement
Document ID : AHRC-FST-010-2015
Countries : Burma (Myanmar),
Issues : Administration of justice, Child rights, Institutional reform, Rule of law,