INDIA: An Unprecedented humanitarian crisis

A Statement from Arundhati Roy & Barkha Dutt forwarded by the Asian Human Rights Commission

The world is watching the highly disturbing situation the second wave of Covid pandemic has caused in India. It is not just an Indian crisis but a major humanitarian crisis that requires the attention of the whole world.

We provide links here to two powerful statements on the prevailing situation: one by Arundhati Roy whose article was published in We are witnessing a crime against humanity in The Guardian.

The second one is of an interview of Barkha Dutt, one of the India’s most prominent journalists, after losing her father to the pandemic.


The views shared in this statement do not necessarily reflect that of the AHRC.

Document Type : Forwarded Statement
Document ID : AHRC-FST-003-2021
Countries : India,
Issues : Right to food, Right to health, Right to life,