ASIA: Open Letter to the heads of Governments of ASEAN, China and India 

We, the undersigned Members of Parliament, respectfully urge you and the governments that you lead, to work together in full cooperation to strongly encourage the Myanmar government to deliver genuine political and economical reforms.

We are extremely concerned that the Myanmar authorities’ 7-point roadmap is causing more problems for the people of Myanmar and the entire Asian region. In its rush to push ahead with a new constitution that will entrench military rule, the authorities have intensified tensions that may lead to renewed fighting and escalation of civil war. Political leaders have been jailed, some with sentences in excess of 100 years.

We are also gravely concerned at the military offensive being inflicted upon civilian communities in Karen state. At least 27,000 people, mostly women and children, have been displaced and 25,000 face imminent starvation.

In the past 10 years that Myanmar has been a member of ASEAN, the threats it has posed to regional stability have worsened. The dangers resulting from drugs, disease and displacement have grown, as the Myanmar government has acted with increasing irresponsibility. ASEAN, China and India are being hurt and damaged by these cross-border impacts.

The Myanmar government has played off the individual interest , in order to delay vital reforms. We strongly believe that the combined will and diplomatic resources will have an immediate impact on the Myanmar authorities to deliver genuine reforms that will benefit Myanmar and the rest of the region. We believe that the solution includes immediate cessation of military hostilities, the release of political prisoners including Aung San Suu Kyi and ethnic leaders, and the commencement of a constitutional dialogue that will allow the genuine participation of all key stakeholders.

A resolution of Myanmar’s problems, achieved through the active and effective participation , will be a historic milestone that will launch regional cooperation to a higher, dynamic and more meaningful level.

Yours sincerely,

AIPMC & the following signatories

1. Marzuki Darusman
2. Mutammimullah
3. Dedy D. Malik
4. Saidah Sakwan
5. Masduki Baidlowi
6. Badriyah Fayumi
7. Amin S. Husni
8. Ali M.
9. Ario Wijanarko
10. Sidarto D.
11. Djoko Susilo
12. Muhammad A. S. Hikam (Former MP)
13. S. Romas
14. Ida Fauziyah
15. Anna Mu’awanah
16. M. Junaedi
17. Masduki Baichouri
18. Joeslin Nasution
19. Maria Ulfah A.
20. Soeharno P. A.
21. Eldie Suwandie
22. Taufikmuch S.
23. Effendi Chonie
24. Eva Kusuma Sundari
25. Choirul Sholeh
26. H. M. Khaidir M. Wafa
27. Jeffrey Massie
28. Nursyahbani Katjasungkana

29. Inderjit Singh
30. Jessica Tan
31. Michael Palmer
32. Charles Chong
33. Chiam See Thong

34. Sam Rainsy
35. Son Chhay
36. Kuoy Bun Rouen
37. Eng Chhai Eang
38. Ho Van
39. Yim Sovenn
40. Kieng Vang
41. Ngor Sovann
42. Chea Poch
43. Nuth Rumduol
44. Chan Cheng
45. Mao Monyvan
46. Tioulong Saumura
47. Kim Suor Phirith
48. Sok Pheng
49. Sok Soti
50. Ke Sovannaroth
51. Ton Vathara
52. Thak Vany
53. Chrea Sokchenda
54. Men Mony Ratana
55. Cheam Chany
56. Ahmad Yahya
57. Nou Sovath

58. Loretta Ann P. Rosales (Former MP)
59. Lorenzo Erin Tanada III
60. Mario Joyo Aguja
61. Ferdinand Marcos
62. Ana Theresia Hontiveros-Baraquel
63. Ronaldo Zamora
64. Roilo Golez
65. Salvador Escudero III
66. Eduardo C. Zialcita
67. Rufus Rodriguez
68. Teodulo Coquilla
69. Benjamin Asilo
70. Cinchona Cruz-Gonzales
71. Satur Ocampo
72. Mar-Len Abigail Binay
73. Liza Maza
74. Luzviminda Ilagan
75. Ma. Laarni Cayetano
76. Joel Villanueva
77. Dan Fernandez
78. Mark Enverga
79. Adelina Rodriguez-Zaldarriaga
80. Maria Evita R. Arago
81. Edgar S. San Luis
82. Angelito C. Gatlabayan
83. Roberto V. Puno
84. Joseph Emilio A. Abaya
85. Proceso J. Alcala
86. Eileen Ermita-Buhain
87. Teofisto “TG” Guingona
88. Vicky Hernandez-Reyes
89. Junjun Tupas
90. Carlos M. Padilla
91. Henry A. Teves
92. Elpidio F. Barzaga
93. Alfonso V. Umali Jr.
94. Hermilando I. Mandanas
95. Ronan Romulo

96. Jon Ungphakorn (Former Senator)
97. Kraisak Choonhavan (Former Senator)
98. Buranaj Smutharaks

99. Chow Kon Yeow
100. Mohd. Hayati Othman
101. Teresa Kok
102. Wan Azizah Ismail
103. Lim Kit Siang
104. Fong Kui Lun
105. S. K. Devamany
106. Wee Ka Siong
107. Chong Hon Min
108. Chong Chieng Jen
109. Fong Po Kuan
110. Karpal Singh
111. Zaid Ibrahim
112. M. Kulasegaran

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Document Type : Forwarded Open Letter
Document ID : AHRC-FL-003-2007
Countries : Bangladesh, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand,
Campaigns : Burma Peoples Protests